About Me

 I'm Alice.
I have a heart full of dreams and one burning desire... 

By day I work in food marketing, by night I am a dreamer.

My dream is to write. Write until my heart is content and fulfil my every aching desire. My love for food and travel knows no bounds.

My heart pines for exotic fruit, my stomach roars when I catch sight of amazing produce. I love documenting my adventures, writing about my desire to travel and sometimes my fears.

I’ve not always been this brave, growing up I struggled with my confidence and shyness which overtook my life. But, then one day in my early-twenties I decided that things had to change. I got fit, started running and began to believe in my own ability to succeed. I went onto complete two half marathons, and ran the London Marathon in April 2016.

 Through all this, I’ve become stronger, more fearless and tougher than I ever imagined I could be.

If life has taught me one thing so far – it is that anything is possible. You are stronger than you ever think you are.  

All you need to do is believe.


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