A year of LOVE.

And then came November.

I’m going to admit that as much as my floating interest was to break all my previous goals and write and self-publish a fantastic engaging blog, consume and partake in an amazing social media profile and maybe run another marathon and establish a freelance career in the [ten] months after having a baby, it didn’t quite pan out like that.

I should have learned by now that the greatest achievements in life are not those anticipated or planned, but those filled with great surprise, laughter, enjoyment, and above all unimaginable love.

I returned to work in September, taking on a working from home role, which slotted into our routine one hundred times easier than I imagined. I guilt-tripped over being a stay-at-home Mum, and guilt-tripped over being a working Mum, so this meets us right down the middle.

We had a baptism over the summer that made me feel so gracious, and a reminder of how precious life is. We reconnected with the Vicar who married us, four years earlier. It was such a privilege to have him baptise our first-born child.

We took two holidays this year. One foreign and one coastal. I remember flying out the door at 3am in the morning to the airport, and instead of checking if I had got spare camera batteries and SD cards, I was checking if I had enough nappies and baby wipes. This comparison summed up the whole holiday, because I realised every holiday prior to this one for as long as I could remember had been ‘a job’ (albeit an incredible unpaid one), as I had taken thousands of photos and endless amount of inspiration from each destination I had travelled to. I knew I couldn’t even attempt this on holiday this year, and I didn’t want to, as it was for the first time a family holiday.

We moved to a new house…something that came out of the blue. We had spent two years doing up our townhouse, to our style, our taste, our vision of happy ever after. But as soon as our son arrived, the vision changed. The location and practicality of living in a 4-storey Victorian house just wasn’t the right set up for family life. We (as with a lot of the BIG life decisions) decided there and then to up stick and move.

Myself and my husband as old-fashioned as we are in our marriage, and traditions, we are not in making decisions. We were fortunate to accept an offer on our house the first week it went onto the market, and we completed on the purchase of our new house in less than 12 weeks. Our new home is the one we wish to raise children, put our stamp on, plant trees, grow fruit and veg, celebrate Christmas year after year in.  I think we might have found the 'forever'.

The title of this post is a year of love, my son turns one in January, but I feel as if it’s been longer than the ten months he’s been here with us. Pregnancy was a real tough one for me, but it was around this time last year (when I began maternity leave), the realisation of what was happening started to sink in, and every day then on was filled with so much anticipation. Those kicks grew stronger and we went through an incredible ride to get to the 10th of January, but then life completely changed forever. In the best way possible.

Motherhood is downright the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I know it’s awfully cliché to declare, but gosh, I never knew a love like this was possible.


  1. I'm proud to say this was written by my incredible daughter in law.. She now knows and understands the power of love a first born son brings. I thank her a million times over for loving my first born son and giving me my first Grandchild. Alice, you are the most amazing Mum to my precious Joshua. Keep up the blog, keep writing down your dreams and inspirations, record your ups and downs, live life to the full. Don't regret anything you do..the change I have seen in you over the years is amazing..live your dream Alice..You can and you are doing xxx

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post! x


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