10 Countries that changed me.

If there is one great love story I would tell my son, it is that of travel.
 My whole life is built upon the adventures I have had and the miles I have travelled. I cannot wait to share with Joshua the world I have fallen in love with…

1. Fiji 
 Fiji was the truest version of paradise I know. I felt an outpouring of everlasting love whilst on the island of Denarau. Bias I maybe, as it was my honeymoon, but I lived the island life.

2.       Dubai 
Dubai was magical, and awe-inspiring. I fell in love with the skyline, the Palm, and the endless miles of beautiful dessert.

3.       Thailand 
 My love for Thailand is unbreakable. I could proclaim my love for a lifetime, because Thailand was the ‘one’.  It changed my whole perspective on life, I started believing in my dreams, and came back with a new-found confidence and aching ambition.

4.       Vietnam 
 My memories of Vietnam are filled with colour and warmth. I remember so fondly arriving in Hanoi and feeling like I’d been transported to another world. It was that feeling of adjustment that remains etched in me.

5.       Malaysia 
 Malaysia was beautiful and serene. I dreamt of standing beneath the Petronas Towers for years, it was the first time I fell in love with architecture like never before. The island of Langkawi was awe-inspiring and romantic.

6.       Indonesia 
 Bali was everything I had ever dreamt of and worked towards in my life. I thrived on the health scene, got lost in my own paradise, swam in the beautiful ocean and fell in love with tropical fruit

7.       America 
I remember pinching myself the first time I caught sight of a yellow taxi in New York City. It was so utterly surreal, and all the dreams from childhood and beyond resonated with me. Like many before me, I fell in love with the big apple BIG time. 

8.       New Zealand 
 New Zealand was endless vineyards, quirky op shops and roaring cuisine (hello whitebait). 

9.       Iceland 
Iceland was the coolest place I have ever been. The bone tingling numbness of my fingers warmed only by the adrenaline to see and explore. The Blue Lagoon was a picture-perfect paradise.

10.   France 
 I've visited Paris twice. Both times, I felt a magnetism towards the Eiffel Tower so strong that I found myself pinching myself when coming face to face with the landmark. I fell in love with Paris, got engaged in Paris and ate perfectly baked croissants.