The one where I panic, anticipate and say goodbye to 2017…

2017 was the year that made me tear up the rule book, knock down the imaginary ladder and let my heart love like it has never loved before.
I had never really believed in ‘how life can change in * a year etc’

Since getting married, everything has been structured. Holidays have been planned way in advance and life goals have been firmly set out. I took a huge leap into the unknown a few years ago and took a brand-new job, which then led to moving to a new house to a new county and a new way of life.

It was stressful, restless, incredible, fulfilling, testing and jam-packed. We continued to travel at pace… hello Vietnam, Malaysia, NYC & Bali. I even ran a full marathon. But, let’s face it – I wasn’t ever truly settled.  

When we arrived back from Bali in April this year, I found out I was pregnant – my sense of self and worth balanced out for the first time in my entire life. I knew that this was what we both had been waiting for… the next chapter.
I’m so grateful for our trip to Bali, and I still believe that all those trips prior to the final big one – made the journey complete.

Pregnancy has been a complete whirlwind, I have changed in so many ways and have finally learned to love and appreciate every part of my body – just the way it is. It’s pretty incredible growing a human being.

2018 is set to bring joy, and with a due date looming, I’m told that babies have a way of coming when they want to, so I’m not tying myself down to my due date. The question is will baby arrive before 2017 is out, or be ‘as predicted’ a very early 2018 arrival. I guess, only fate will lead us there.

As we hit 37 weeks last weekend, the reality of giving birth hit me like a ton of bricks, can I really do this? I’m certain that my strongest trait is determination – so it’s time I put that to the test.

As for, blogging, social media and everything in between, it’s time to turn it off now. I think the final weeks (or days) with my husband will be completely wholesomely valuable without the distraction of a phone or laptop screen.

Next time I appear online… we might just have an announcement.

Thank you as always for supporting this blog and taking time to read my words.