Unpopular to blog, blog to be popular

I started this blog nine years ago, I was aged nineteen and had always had a passion for writing down everything that happened to me, via endless teenage journals and diaries. Writing was a creative outlet for me.

Tranquility in Ayutthaya - Thailand
I remember when suddenly blogging became quite a thing, and I connected with hundreds of like-minded people, who were interested in sharing their world with others. I blogged lots of charity shop and car boot sale finds and I loved interacting with others. Oh heck, I even went on a blogging holiday to Norbury Manor.

Back then, I was incredibly shy and hadn’t really experienced much life stuff. I was in a steady relationship, but still trying to figure out who I was.

It was in 2014 and subsequently the years that followed that the biggest changes of my life happened so far. I got married, travelled the world and relocated to a brand-new job. It was a busy time in my life and blogging came and went. I didn’t have as much time to shop second-hand anymore and my job in food marketing took up a lot of my creative space.

Phuket - Thailand
Travel also consumed me. There was a desire to see so much of the world before a certain age. It wasn’t planned, it sort of just unfolded that way. I always updated my blog with travel snippets and declarations of wanderlust. Some of them posts still remain my favourite.

But, since taking maternity leave I’ve found the desire and hunger for blogging come back in floods. Except, there’s a little ‘expiry’ tag floating in my mind. Is blogging over? Am I five years too late to the party? Does anyone out there even read blogs anymore?

My gut says, ignore the doubts. Just do it. Cause, maybe we have all fallen out of love with blogging in some way, maybe we are all a little older, wiser and dare I say guilty of giving up in the blog race. But, I know from my own experiences in life that not everything is a race.

Lime time - Bali
Unexpected things can happen, pouring passion and dedication into something doesn’t always mean success, but it does show commitment. If there was such thing as creating your own destiny, then why not just give it a go anyway. 


  1. If you feel the urge to blog, do it. The blogs I like the best are the ones that aren't trying to win any race, any awards, but the ones that are real and honest. If you have a passion for it, it will shine through and people can connect with that.

  2. I think I agree with Hazel - the blogs I like reading are ones that are real. And I love your travel posts!



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