Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Taking Maternity Leave

at 32 weeks.

The most beautiful flowers from my work colleagues.
I left work for Maternity Leave on friday at 32 weeks pregnant. This was a decision myself and my husband had reached early on in my pregnancy. Commuting two hours a day was a struggle that began early on in my first trimester. I remember waking up with morning sickness, and willing myself not to be sick the entire journey to work. It’s almost laughable now, but at the time force-feeding myself custard cream biscuits at 6 am in the morning was a challenge.

Then the latter, the final few weeks came the panic and stress of making it home without wetting myself, of course there was a traffic jam just when I needed the loo the most. Cue becoming a regular at the services.
So, leaving work is a funny one. Because, when you are in an established 42-hour routine, suddenly, I have ALL the time. But, I’m sure all expectant mothers experience this at some point leading up to giving birth.

But, how about this:

I’ve definitely got a least 10,000 travel photographs to sort and edit.

And those blog posts I always wanted to write, but never got around to.

Also, that dusty K-Mix that hasn’t been used since… forever.

Those recipe books that I once poured my heart into reading.

And of course, that camera I once took everywhere with me.

It’s a funny one. It’s not unemployment, not a summer holiday, not an endless amount of inset days… rather a completely unknown.

But, I’m ready to sit down. Soak up all the baby love that consumes me every single day. And enjoy the final 8 weeks (who knows if we might get a Christmas/New Year baby), but I know that right now, it’s time to adjust and delve back into the hobbies I once loved. 

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  1. Congratulations on making it to your mat leave - do take some time out and relax - looking forward to seeing all the blog posts!



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