My Tropical Fruit Themed Baby Shower!

There is no denying that I am a self-confessed fruit addict. When it came to organising a baby shower I was certain of two things: I would host it at home and it would be tropical themed.

So, over the summer months I managed to gather together bunting, balloons and quirky pieces to put my stamp on the tropical theme. It was then in September I went out on a dedicated baby shower shopping spree with my friend. It was the most fun I had in months, we explored all the novelty shops including Poundland, B&M, and Home Bargains! Pineapples turned up everywhere.

As the theme fell together, I was soon buying watermelon marshmallows and tropical Jelly Babies!
But, let’s not forget the principal reason here… I’m having a baby! So of course, there was lots of baby themed ideas thrown into the mix. I created my own quiz, and gender guessing game, which everybody got to vote whether they think it’s a boy or girl and then submitted their vote into a giant pink or blue plastic cupcake. (results will be revealed when we know!)

 I was gifted a beautiful cake from my sister-in law, once more playing on the boy or girl theme. On top she had carefully written 'Baby Taylor' - which made it all the more real! 

I’d dreamt up this day a long time ago when we first found out I was pregnant.  I was nervous as I’ve never been Ms Popular, so wondered if anyone would even come. But, it finally dawned on me, that I do have some special family and friends around me. Those friends may not be in their masses, but they are the ones who have stuck by me through thick and thin. They know me inside out and I’m so excited for them to go on the whole baby journey with me!