Do it like you give a f***

I haven’t written in what feels like a long time. Between dreaming of more travel, throwing myself into work, and building a brand-new kitchen I just haven’t found time. Enough time.
I found myself laughing about how I used to have so much time (the time to dust shelves, the time to photograph my entire perfume collection, the time to plan meals down to every ingredient), yet now seem to have none. It’s the age-old dilemma of having the want for something, but not the right amount of energy and minutes to participate. It’s basically fantasy life.  

But, you know just now I thought to myself. Whatever I do, all that matters – really matters is that whatever I choose to do with the time I do have is that I do it justice. Real justice.
I need to allow myself time to do all things I want to do, not feel obliged to do. Whether it be weeks of trailing through travel guides to find the perfect destination, a day full of making props for photography or an hour spent writing each day before bed.
This year has taught me that, some things we take on, agree to do aren’t what we want or need. This year has been a series of events which have passed me by before I’ve even had time to appreciate or enjoy them. That’s not to say I am ungrateful, I just think it’s time to put a stop to the sporadic timings (running a marathon, moving house and travelling to South East Asia all in a month was life at full speed).
I want to go in to 2017 with one ambition:
Mark my own destiny.