Shy & Fierce

I hated the word shy. It defined me for so long, every time I was introduced to somebody it was always the same. ‘She’s just shy’ was always more relevant than my name. I felt immediately disadvantaged before I’d even introduced myself. And, obliged to follow the statement handed out to me.
How could someone so shy, be so equally fierce?

I guess, you could say one outbalances the other. I know my shyness can reoccur in any situation, even into my adult life – I can grow increasingly quiet. Which often confuses those around me.
But, my fierceness stems from my quest to find fulfilment in my life. This type of fierceness bridges the gap of silence. I strongly believe that confidence cannot be solely judged on how many words you can speak out loud.
My fierceness lies in the pit of my stomach, it shows in my work, my writing and my ambitions.
I’m not afraid anymore, or embarrassed to be shy. I’ve learnt in my twenty-seven years that being brave is the key to opening up the whole world.  


  1. You are forever an inspiration. "confidence cannot be solely judged on how many words you can speak out loud".... I love that so much. It is so true. I hope you're well and having a great week, I have been enjoying catching up on your posts xx

  2. I totally get what you mean, about feeling pre-defined when introduced as the shy one. Give me a name like that and of course I'll feel pressured to live up to it!

    You are amazing xx


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