Asia with Love

There is no denying that my heart and soul belongs to Asia. When I travelled to Thailand for the first time– my life changed in an instant. I was overcome with passion for a country so vivid and endearing. I was in love with a culture that not only taught me to overcome my fears, but made me realise what life really is all about.

I always think of Thailand as my love affair. A longing for a country that fills me with so much everlasting joy. 

When I travelled to Vietnam – a country that had fascinated me for so long. The history and traditions were not only enriched in my mind, but my imagination had painted such a beautiful picture. Ha Long bay, was my first encounter with natural beauty.

 I dared to dig deeper, and stopped looking for perfection. When it was starting at me right in the face – a Hoi An street stripped back all my filters and perceptions.

Malaysia was a true paradise. I was blown away by the beautiful beaches in Langkawi, I felt my jaw dropping at every glimpse of the serene and raw beauty.  Penang was a wild and surreal glimpse into the future. I felt almost like a flamboyant tourist in a wacky state. It was pretty cool, wandering around the graffiti covered streets of George Town.

My final stop in Malaysia was Kuala Lumpur. I had dreamt of the moment I would stand in front of the Petronas Towers for years. Like a mile stone. Is it possible to romance over a building, a statue, a tower? I think so.

Like, the Eiffel Tower five years earlier – I couldn’t take my eyes off the height, and sheer beauty of the towers. A view I had somewhat waited my whole life to capture. But, in those split seconds – absorbed forever.
When people describe the time of their lives...

Asia, is wholeheartedly mine.


  1. It looks so gorgeous. Asia is definitely a place I want to visit some day.


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