You know when you’re growing up certain numbers spring to mind as milestone ages – 27 was always the one for me.

I don’t know why, but 27 always seemed so ideal – and aspirational. In truth, it’s a little bit different than imagined (as are most ideals). I’m feeling older than my younger self – but still young enough to enjoy life a little carefree.

I’m definitely a grown-up – there is no mistaking that. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect of adult life, I mean I know the general gist – but when I was engaged to be married I felt my life was back to front. I was only working part-time in a local café; I had little going for me at the time (other than my pending marriage). Which was of course important and most integral to my happiness.

Something inside of me knew there was more. And, what I experienced in the first year of marriage was somewhat of a identity crisis. My desire to pave a path and destiny blossomed overnight. And, my husband stuck by me, even in the darkest hour.

I think if you believe something possible, then ultimately it will become 'that tiny bit more' possible. I know the one thing I lacked throughout my early-twenties was confidence in my ability to succeed. I think it’s important to not only look, but want for more. At the end of the day, we are only here once. I will only ever experience 27 once.

Here’s a little secret. When we booked our honeymoon in 2013, ahead of our May wedding the following year – I pinched myself. Because, I had never ever travelled so far before. It was a dream. As the wedding grew closer I suddenly had a thought in my mind.

I wanted to FIND out what it was I wanted to be/do. I genuinely believed that ‘that’ moment would happen. That I would be on a beach at sunset, and something magical would suddenly happen. I would have a vision of what career I wanted.

It didn’t happen.

I returned home with a new status and name, but my longing for a fulfilling career was near as much non-existent. I loathed my job at the time, (I took a full time role in embroidery that following Winter).

Last year was a game changer, I travelled more and starting building up a portfolio. I was published in Travel3Sixty magazine and then applied for a job in food marketing. 9 months later, a house move and more travel later – I’m here. At 27.

The point is, I think I did find exactly what I was looking for on honeymoon two years ago. I just never realised it... 

My fondest memories of Fiji are discovering the tropical fruits, meeting Simon – the coconut man who gifted me a coconut from up a tree and trying and discovering guava and papaya for the first time.
Now, these might seem silly little memories. But, these were the seeds of what started my undying love and excitement for fruit and my passion for food.

Reflection, sometimes is hard. But, this time I think I’ve finally realised what it is I want to do/be. Life is hard, but never give up believing in your wildest dreams. 

And, always be thankful to your husband.


  1. Life is tough but I'm glad you seem to be finding your way!

    Maria xxx

  2. Fiji looks amazing



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