Why Worry?

This year has been rocky. Rocky, in the sense that no two days have been the same, and no amount of time has ever been enough.
There is no denying that I am my own worst enemy at times. Which is why I worry. Worry over my health, my fitness, my weight, my house, my family and my job.  All of these worries, however insignificant or minor have caused a lot of stress.
A flower on incense in Vietnam. 
But, worrying is a natural state of mind. We all worry. It’s just putting in enough positivity to banish them away and put them to bed.  
What I’ve really learnt is that fighting fear, being open to change, and vowing to never give up is the real path to happiness.

I know this better than anyone, I’ve fought so many times for happiness. I should know that what you put into something, ultimately is what you get back out.

I’m certain that life is full of surprises and challenges. I know life is a cycle and we have to work at it – and I think it’s time I started putting that passion and belief – I know is so strong and vibrant back at the forefront of my life.

Because, that girl who fell in love with every exotic fruit imaginable, travelled the world and back and dreamt of writing for a living … is still very much there. She’s a BIG dreamer at heart. 

Let's stop worrying over the small things.
And, let life just surprise me. 


  1. Great thoughts and some I need to remember myself.



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