Evoking Happiness

An Bang Beach - Hoi An, Vietnam 
Is it okay to be have moments of uncertainty and dare I say: unhappiness?

I always seem to hit a brick wall in summer time – I am definitely more productive and natural in winter months. Summer seems to somewhat drain me of motivation and I always seem to hit a bump along the road.

For the past couple of months, I have felt stretched in so many ways. I seem to completely exhaust myself of energy and emotion – leading to a spiral of self-pity.

My heart pines for adventure, and my dreams have a way of making a re-appearance time and time again. Is there anything wrong with still having a dream? Having a death defying love for something so magical and wild it hurts – I hope not.

I am twenty-seven. I have not just one, but SO many dreams. And, I totally get that not all dreams come true, and the age old saying that we can’t have it all, at once. Maybe that's true. 

But, what can I say, other than the fact I’m still a dreamer.


  1. Gorgeous picture and gorgeous thoughts.


  2. it's absolutely OK to have moments of unhappiness - they help us to identify and really appreciate the happy times x


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