Forgive Me

How do you find forgiveness when you realise that it’s not someone or something you have to forgive? You’ve carried the sadness in your heart for so long, it feels normal to ache and worry over the same person.
You find yourself living on tenterhooks, waiting for a past conflict to erupt all over again. Little do you realise, the answer is far closer to home, and there is only one person who you have to set free from past troubles. Yourself.

Thailand May 2015 - The journey that opened my heart up to possibility.
I am fierce. Wild. Raw. And sometimes: unpredictable. My determination can often override logic. But, this week I saw sense. And, resolved a family conflict I never thought would end.
Life, is surprising. I think I might just be capable of anything...


  1. I think you might be capable of anything. Well done on resolving the family issue, families can be odd and infuriating, but we only get one.

  2. Thank you Hazel. Appreciated always x x x


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