Do you ever feel like you’re stuck intermittently in the middle of change?  Because despite what fairy tales might teach us, change does not happen overnight.  We don’t become princesses when we meet our knight in shining armour or lose 10lbs in a day...

Erawan Waterfalls, Thailand 2015
Real change takes time.  It took me twelve months to pass my driving test, two years to plan a wedding, two hours to run a half marathon and ten years to break my shyness. Yes, time is sometimes the only thing that can propel us to the next level.

It’s so easy to forget, that time is not the enemy. I know far too well how chasing time can sometimes become a past-time.

If I could go back and change a single thing in my life?

Would I eliminate all those struggles, all the fall outs and all the pain?

No, because all of those things made me stronger, and taught me that life … is not perfect or to put it quite bluntly: 

And, if you hadn’t already guessed - I’m not in it for the easy ride.


  1. Aah Erawan falls, think I have a very similar pic from 15 years earlier! Gorgeous.

    I can take a torturously long time to get on with things - I learned to drive about 10 years ago but still hate it and avoid motorways etc. Need to book a pass plus and stop being scared of it!

  2. Gorgeous picture, gorgeous words - well said.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I feel like I could have written this post, it's all things I've thought myself but not being able to eloquently express x

  4. Love the photograph Alice <3
    It's all about the journey, you become who you make yourself I suppose.
    You're so inspiring xx

  5. Change takes a while but it is so worth it in the end!!

    Maria xxx

  6. I forever have so much love and admiration for you. Well said, experiences and our journey through life make us what we are. Ps, I really want to see Thailand! x


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