I Dreamed a Dream

I’m feeling a distinct feeling of openness going into 2016.  I am so ready to take on a whole new year, and spend time progressing in my work, marriage and life.

   The truth is – last year was a complete game changer – it was horrendously emotional and painstakingly tough and sometimes almost impossible, but it was also absolutely unbelievable and fuelling in ways I never imagined...

I followed my dreams – and somehow, they slowly unfolded around me.  Proving that, despite what people may tell you when you are growing up, or what you think you must believe – dreams are possible, if you have the guts to at least try.

I also figured out that dreams work in mysterious ways, and don’t always give you the answer you are looking for.  A dream can fill a segment of your life, but sadly has no guarantee to stick around. 

2016 is about one thing: Progression.

I feel as if the foundations were laid last year, I did everything I could in the time frame given (even if it felt I ran out of time by the end), without completely exhausting.  I know, I made mistakes along the way, but I was happy to learn and importantly move on.  The biggest part, was ultimately that I accepted that my dreams were wild and were not going to settle down or go away.  It was time to face them head on.

The girl who ran a half marathon by herself, travelled the world and back, bathed an elephant in the rain, got an article published in Asia, got the job she absolutely wanted more than anything in the world, and clung onto her marriage like never before – never said no in 2015. 

It may have taken twenty-six years to be brave enough to say it aloud, but my dream has always had an overwhelming grip on my heart:

I want to write, until my heart’s content.

I am more than certain, than ever before, that I have to follow that dream for as long as I believe it possible.



  1. Happy new year beautiful lady, you are going to have such a brilliant 2016 I can just tell xx

  2. Completely agree on the progression. Happy new year!

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Happy New Year! To keep moving forward is the only way x


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