How did it transpire towards the end of the year already?  I should probably get into the Christmas spirit right about now, and save these thoughts for New Year’s Eve.  But, I figured by that point I will probably be fluttering around in some sort of daze. 
What did 2015 teach me?  It taught me to fight.  Fight for what is right, face your fears, but most of all - fight for your DREAMS.

  • I worked a job I despised for 9 whole months, the equivalent of a pregnancy.  My stomach churned at some point every day, I awoke in the middle of the night wondering where my life went wrong.  I ached for something, something so much more. I struggled.

  • In April, I ran the furthest and toughest race of my life, completing a half marathon entirely by myself in less than 2 hours – my personal best.   It was tough and emotional, but completely necessary; I plan on doing it again sometime.

  • I lost a friend.  At the start of the year I lost a nine-year friendship overnight.  Which, I know happened for a reason.  Sometimes, two personalities clash and this post, was an open letter to her.  The gift of friendship is as rare as is life, 2015 cemented the fact that I am very much my own best friend.  

Most significantly I got the job of my dreams *big statement*.
One extraordinary blogger and established writer Jen, who I have admired since blogging began, Tweeted an opportunity that was too incredible to ignore.  I pursued, and 3 days later got offered the job on the spot, which changed my entire outlook on EVERYTHING.
It wasn’t easy entering a brand new world - I’ve taken big leaps, and given it my absolute all AND more.  My life has completely turned upside down – but feeling a sense of belonging and acceptance in a field and industry I absolutely live, love and breathe is what keeps the drive fuelled and spark alive, so alive, it hurts.

Anyone will tell you that life is difficult.  Believe me, I can tell you a million reasons as to why.  But, from being the girl who could barely speak, too frightened to even socialise, knocked down by a dozen job rejections, crippled by shyness, riddled in insecurity, and in search of a dream that I didn’t think or know was even possible – well let me tell you this, anything IS possible. 

I wrote this blog post in February 2011, yes.

The underlying truth is, you can be whoever you want to be in life.  If you have the passion, the love, the desire and the genie inside - one day it will surface and entirely blow you away.
Mine's WILD.  So wild. 


  1. You really are the most amazing person x

  2. Great list, congrats on the marathon!
    I also lost a couple of friends this year over a misunderstanding. We did reconcile, but things will never be the same, and it's kind of sad, but sometimes you need to leave people who are only bringing you down, or who don't make you feel good as a person.
    Blue Jazzmin

  3. I'm so pleased that things have turned around for you this year, you deserve it!

    Maria xxx


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