A Rose Between Two Thorns

When Blossoming Gifts got back in touch with me recently I was delighted to work with them again on their stunning Christmas range of flowers.
I love flowers, but with working away from home a lot recently I can’t remember the last time I bought or received any.  (Yes, sometimes giving up the little things is far harder than the big ones).

Roses often tell of great romance and always make me laugh (because I recall the moment so vividly when we checked into our Honeymoon suite and the rose petals I had imagined my entire adult life were nowhere to be seen, much to my shocked and panicked husband). 
A rose is a remarkable flower, and by far my favourite. I think my inner Disney princess will always relate to Beauty and the Beast.  

Christmas is magical, and flowers really bring around a festive feeling.  There’s no denying that cinnamon is one of my all-time favourite spices and I love the sprigs of woodland and berry’s that appear in this ‘Cinnamon Spice’ bunch.
As always blossoming gifts deliver the best in fresh flowers and the range available is simply stunning.  It’s not too late to order in time for Christmas, everyone loves an unexpected delivery of flowers – an admirer, a friend, a mother, a daughter.

Blossoming Gifts have offered a discount code for all readers, which entitles 33% off a bouquet. (the only bouquets exempt from discount is the 'Flowers By Post' range)

  I know, I’m incredibly lucky when I receive flowers , as rare as it sometimes is.  I always instantly feel a little bit perkier,whimsical and loved.  


  1. What a beautiful gift! I love flowers, especially at this time of year! x


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