A Pursuit of Happiness

I can pinpoint the exact moment when wanderlust hit me.  It was 2 days after returning from honeymoon – we had driven to a DIY store to buy paint for our bedroom wall.  I was not happy, I was all kinds of erratic – I snapped at my (new) husband in the car on the way there and burst into tears when he asked me my opinion on what colour to choose.  It was bad, real bad.
I told myself it was completely OKAY to feel like this, after a wedding, a honeymoon… the natural life crash after such a big event.  But, then I realised that the lust …. Because that essentially what it was, was eager and pulling at my heart strings like never before.  When a work colleague poked fun at my life a few weeks later, I finally snapped - I knew exactly what it was I needed to do.  
And that was to listen to my heart: wander.

-6°C & The only girl in Iceland with macaroons on her pants!

 My desire most definitely was to travel, whether it will stay the priority in the years to follow, I don’t know.  I know my heart aches for adventure and freedom.  But, I also know work is dominant in both of our lives, as is time.
I would whole-heartedly describe travel as one of the best things that ever happened to me.  If I had never dared travel, I wouldn’t have found the answers to a lot of the questions in my life.  I still feel the love of Thailand in the bottom of my stomach every day, I still feel the warmth of Fiji in my heart and I know, there is SO much more possibility out there.
If I could teach anyone one thing, it would be this: Follow your heart, listen to the lust and wander like never before.


  1. Travel really is incredible. It's just so inspirational to get away from your everyday surroundings and experience something totally different. You look so happy in that picture!

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. everyone should have a pair of macaroon pants! So insanely jealous of your holiday, hope you had a wonderful Christmas Alice xxx

  3. Aah I am desperate to go to Iceland. It's on the list. I totally get the travel thing, I just booked last night for Dublin in April, a 4 night explore with the kids, they're so excited.

    Happy New Year! I see I've missed lots so congrats on your wedding x

  4. I've got several friends who would definitely identify with this, as do I! I just haven't gotten to the part where I've left the country for a while, haha. I'm hoping that this year will be different and I can save up and finally do a bit of exploring! Happy New Year Alice! - Tasha

  5. Beautiful post



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