You Got The Love

I'm Alice Taylor and I'm a dreamer
I always follow my heart above anything else.  But, without sounding like a broken record, of course you already know all of this (especially long time readers and friends: Jazz, Ellie, darling Sophie, Maria, Gem, Vix, Char, Alex, Hazel, Laura, Dani, Rebecca, Nicola, Lucy...). 

San Francisco 2014 - Living my new married name.
My writing always determines my destiny.  If I'm happy I write, if I am sad I write.  There's no escaping my desire to write and document my life.  Harriet the Spy was my childhood role model, then there was Carrie Bradshaw who came along in my teens, who taught me that it's okay to express personality in what you love.

Not just fictional characters inspire me.  Real people inspire me.  The ones who write for a living, freelance (I'm looking at you J for Jen and WishWishWish), published and unpublished authors, magazine editors, youtubers, vloggers.  I've always fiercely admired Zoella's genuine likeability and ultimate deserved success.

I guess, my biggest inspirations are the people who are too - dreamers.  People, who put their passions before practicality, make their love into something so real it hurts.  And, of course never give up on what they believe in.

Last week, my life changed forever. 

I applied for a job so different to any other that had ever come before.  Three days later, I was offered the job there and then on the spot, and absolutely speechless.  I have never in my life, found myself in that position.  I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I felt deep inside, somebody had told me they wanted me for a job that not only is my dream, the ultimate... writing for a living, but had wanted me, specifically me.

My Dad is my greatest hero, my number one fan and quite simply in every way a part of me.  When I told him of the news, he replied by saying 'Nobody can ever doubt your passion Alice, in what you love, you certainly have passion'
My Daddy, my Father, the only man to know me better than my husband, had told me what I had never, ever considered a desired quality, but now I know it's the key to opening up the entire world.

Having a passion for something that you love, however wild and so far out of reach is the key to finding the happiness, fulfilment and in this very instance - the dream job.

I definitely have got the love.  


  1. Well done on your achievement, getting that job. I know I'm not one of your friends but I'm very, very glad for you and I hope it turns out to be everything you dreamed of.
    It is lovely that your Dad is someone who inspires and is proud of you.x

  2. Sooooo happy for you Alice, this is something you totally deserve and I hope it fulfills your very being ♥

  3. Yay, Alice. What lovely news!

  4. I am so thrilled for you, I can't even explain, I knew you could do it!

    Maria xxx

  5. Congratulations on the job Alice, it is richly deserved. xxx

  6. The best news ever mwah xxx


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