Why you should Never Compromise Passion

Anyone who has ever met me will know one thing: I am a dreamer
I have a heart full of passion, and a mind set to fulfil my every aching desire.  I don’t know where it comes from, if I inherited it in my genes, whether the influences in my life determined it or whether I created it.  Because, what I have found is once you find it, you can’t get rid of it.

I’ve spoken of my dreams a lot this year, and how they have a way of returning, and becoming the forefront of my every day.  Imagine an alarm clock drawn up in your mind, everyday set to an even earlier time, and a louder ringing.  That – in essence is what I have been feeling for a long time.
I’ve always written from my heart, and you will never find me compromising on truth, or honesty.  Brutal honesty. 

Thailand May 2015
A little while ago I began to realise that real success in life is about graft, hard work, and determination.  I taught myself that when I trained and completed a half marathon in April completely by myself – no company, just me.
Yes, it was tough and challenging but after I’d done that, I realised that doing things through your own agenda, was far more rewarding that any other experience or something that could be bought, given or received.  

I wanted to spread a little message, an anecdote if you will...

If you have the passion, the love, the will to see it through – in turn good will come.  Life is about searching, searching for deepest fulfilment and happiness.
If you try and compromise what you love, then ultimately you will lose. 

Follow your heart, and never let go of your dreams.  Not, never.


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