Thunder Only Happens When It Rains - Day 1 in Koh Lanta

Arriving in the Koh Lanta district was something to be treasured; being met by a warming heat and tropical palms at every corner was like stepping into A Bug's Life.
I loved the overwhelming greenery – so natural, and home to so many lizards, bugs and an abundance of nature.
Of course, jet lag set in almost simultaneously as we checked into our room – we did very little but unpack the essentials and then get some much needed sleep overnight.

Waking up on Saturday morning was glorious – I felt a wave of energy and a solid sense of happiness about myself.  Stepping out onto our balcony surrounded by palm trees at arm’s length and a crisp blue sea in the distance was breath-taking; we were in our very own oil painting.

Breakfast Dreams: Watermelon, mango, pineapple, papaya and dragon fruit

I am no stranger to creating mammoth creations on my plate, and getting giddy over breakfast is by far one of my favourite things to do whilst on my travels!  My husband actually laughed when I returned with this ginormous plate of fruit, he believed I wouldn’t eat it all – but as usual I proved him entirely wrong and devoured the fruit mountain in one sitting.

Next up, we familiarised ourselves with the surroundings – hello beach!  I genuinely feel as if life has a funny way of reoccurring and words becoming real, when I visited Phi Phi Islands in the summer, I wrote how I felt the desire to find a less remote and quieter beach ... this was simply everything I had wished upon.

It was extremely surreal being able to see Phi Phi in the distance, knowing we were on the tip of exactly where we had visited five months prior (and not knowing we would be returning).

I actually couldn’t contain my excitement, I ran across the stretch of beach (barefoot) with so much adrenaline in my blood.  I was absolutely in my element, this was something that I remember so clearly from my honeymoon – setting off running, without even a moment to ponder, or inform my husband (he’s used to my spontaneity now).  It’s true, when you are truly happy – you strive to do the things you love most, thus running.

We then had a blissful afternoon enjoying our hotel facilities – the pool, jacuzzi and simple relaxation.  On our return to our room, we were met with a plate of pineapple!  Later, that evening we decided to have a wander into town to pick up a few bits from the local 7-Eleven (amazingly good convenience store, we first discovered back in May).

That evening was quite a quiet one for us – we sat on our balcony, ate more tropical fruit and absorbed our surroundings.  When we climbed into bed, we heard a roar of thunder, which then spiralled into a spectacular storm.  It felt all too real, and as if almost the ceiling was about to cave in – we actually jumped out of bed at one point and I grabbed my phone ready to call for help!

Thunder and lightning like never before – Thailand is known for its unpredictable climate, and we had just witnessed the storm of all storms.
To be continued... 


  1. What a delicious plate of fruit Alice and a serene, breath-taking day...until the stormarama!!!x


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