Marrakesh, Souks and Culture

When I was in Morocco last month, I was so intrigued by the promise of culture that lay ahead in Marrakesh and visiting some of the world famous souks, but had my reservations – I was a young female traveller with little knowledge of the country and felt partly out of my depth. 

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But, sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Because, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try. Luckily my friend wanted to accompany me. That didn’t mean we didn’t get absolutely swarmed on by locals and traders alike. It was definitely tough – but I felt a huge sense of awareness afterwards.  

Having travelled to Dubai last year, I had already had a taste of souks previously (a market full of many treasures such as gold, food, textiles and souvenirs), so thankfully knew how to deal with bargaining and agreeing or you could say disagreeing on a price.

Marrakesh was hot, very hot. Golden, and noisy. Cars, scooters and buses lined the streets and traders, tourists and local men and women made up the crowds...

Above: Scorching Marrakesh midday

My favourite memory was stepping into a tiny café to grab water, where a group of men casually dressed in beige suits were sharing mint tea (traditional Moroccan tea), and reading newspapers. It goes to show that wherever you may be in the world, there is always time for tea and news.
Homewares, textiles and candles all on offer in the souks
As we walked from souk to souk, we became aware of what goods were available, I discovered the most beautiful lamp figurine. The beauty came in the fact the seller didn’t once bother me, or force the sale on me, which I was incredibly gracious of.

On our way back to our hotel later that day, my friend and I chatted about our experience in Marrakesh and how different things were from anywhere we had ever experienced. But, we both said how different selling goods is, the fact that nothing had a price tag or a 'fixed value' – it’s open to suggestion.
I only saw a tiny part of an incredibly fascinating place – I imagine if I went back, I would be far braver, and more adventurous.
I truly believe that sometimes doing things you wouldn’t imagine yourself doing is sometimes the most satisfying journey you can take. 

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  1. I loved Marrakesh, it was so vibrant and alive. The colour and noise captivated me. I was told that Marrakesh is one of the more relaxed of the souks, the traders in Fez are meant to be far more insistent, but perhaps it's changed a bit now as I went ten years ago?
    I'm glad you loved it, I knew you would!

    1. I agree Hazel, so vibrant indeed, and noisy, but in a totally captivating way. I definitely want to do back to discover more. I feel I only saw a glimpse! x x x

  2. you look fabulous! I don't even mind that I can see your feet ;)
    So glad you got to explore and venture into the market <3

    1. Aww Sophie! It was quite an adventure, but one I totally felt was necessary x x x


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