Moroccan Dreams

Last Monday I left for the airport with two close friends and embarked on a girly trip to Morocco.
It felt incredibly grown up and different to travelling with my husband – as I definitely had to ensure I had all my relevant documents, the correct travel adaptors packed and most importantly enough lip gloss, hair spray and clothes to cover every outfit scenario (naturally).

    Left: Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech  Right: Pondering my thoughts and absorbing the setting in the old town Medina, Marrakech
When we arrived very late at Menara airport there was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air, but by the time we arrived at the hotel we were all ready for bed.
I guess for me this trip has been a lot of self-discovery, and thinking time.
The months after returning from Thailand in the summer were very hectic and the weeks prior to leading up to this trip, were as far wide and unsettled as they could have been.

My ‘me’ time had taken a back seat, and I had become desperately unhappy at work and struggled to find a work/life balance that I was in control of.

Whilst in Morocco, I didn’t ‘do’ very much.  This was a very strange feeling, because usually hours are precious and time always seems to be eaten up with life.  But, a few days in I realised that more than anything I required ‘down time.’

Meals that lasted longer than fifteen minutes, sleep that doesn’t expire, showers that re-energise, and warmth that heals.

It hit me, around two nights in just how much I missed my husband’s company, and it soon became integral that I thought of him most days and occasions (even when about to endure the ridiculously scary waterslide). When you spend every waking day with the same human being, living, sleeping and eating together – it’s hard to see past routine. But, it suddenly hit me how important my married life is. 

Top: Second Hand  Skirt: Primark £1
Why is it, what you are looking for, sometimes is staring you right back in the face. I love my husband with so much care, compassion and sincere trust.  I’ve realised that all of the dreams that I carry so deeply in my heart, are in their truest form with him right beside me.

I did learn that friendship takes a lot of care too. If you find two friends who can put up with you no matter what, can manage to not laugh when you overfill a coffee cup or spill a mojito all over the table, and you can laugh your way through a broken zip then it’s a good place to be.

One of my (fictional) heroines once taught me that girl friendships are all about fun, laughter, SEX, fashion and fierceness.  I’m definitely working on my Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha friendships, because I might just have found that too.
 The tallest and most beautiful pampas grasses I have ever seen!

As always travel seems to awaken a part of my soul that yearns for more, and opens me up to possibility.   
Driving though the bare lands of Morocco, and visiting the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and its many souks has taught me that once more – life is so different, and there is no perfect way to live, nor the perfect dream.  We all work to live and live to work, it’s just figuring out which one comes first and as for the dreams – they are the ones worth fighting for.



  1. Morocco is somewhere I've wanted to visit for the longest time, I must go xx

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I remember you saying how much you felt a desire to visit a long time ago. You should Laura, by far a wonderful country.
      x x x


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