Thursday, 24 September 2015

I'm a Chameleon

 I'm definitely a chameleon, I change my mind more times than my shoes and always let my heart rule my mind. 
I often wonder if my personality is far more wild and eccentric than most. I laugh at the most inappropriate of times, and far louder than is acceptable.  

Flowers and crowns in Morocco - like my personality, my dress sense is as far wide as it is long.  
Top & Floral Crown - Topshop / Black Maxi Dress - Primark
Maybe, the chameleon in me is forever looking for answers.  I don't like staying the same and I certainly don't like the ordinary.  Maybe, it's a path of self-discovery.

One day ultimately, I will find the right shade.

  photo alicesign_zps71940e85.jpg



  1. You look very pretty here, Alice!

    1. Thank you Cosmic. It was a rare evening I felt the desire to dress a little bit girly! x x x

  2. You have always struck me as being yourself Alice. Your tastes and opinions may change as you grow but you always seem to stay true to your own preferences unswayed by a need to be anyone else. As Dr Seuss would say “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” xxx

    1. I'm a thinker, and a dreamer. The two sometimes collide dramatically. But, yes you are very right, truer than true. Great reference Linda.
      x x x

  3. You absolute beauty.
    Heart, mind and body <3 xxx


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