Girl with the Elephant Tattoo

Her name was Pang, and she changed my life forever.  She left an everlasting mark on my soul and I fell deep, so incredibly deep.  I knew I needed a mark, a memory forever…

Unlike most my teenage friends at the time, I didn’t ever desire a tattoo in my youth.  With a budding desire to fulfil my ambitions– I made an instinctive decision to get a tattoo!

The idea had flown around over dinner with my husband whilst in Thailand, on our return it was no longer an if, but a when.
I researched a few design studios and artists, but Tim Gouldthorpe stood out a mile, because with a background in art, and driven desire to create innovative ink, I knew he was my man.

The whole experience was spot on.  The pain wasn't anywhere near as uncomfortable as I had imagined and I didn’t have any trouble with the healing process.  Looking down at my leg for the first time was pretty breath-taking.  I felt a certain juxtapose – I now had Pang on my leg, and there was no forgetting her, because she was etched there forever.

A lot of people are a little shocked at the size of my elephant, but it was so important for me to have the ink visible on my leg – mostly because when I run she is noticeable and a little nod to Thailand in the distance.
It’s definitely a talking point, and something I can keep secret most days underneath my jeans or trousers, but when in summertime, or ultimately travelling she may just appear unannounced.

A massive appreciation to Tim – who brought Pang to life.

Black Rose Tattoo Parlour, Tickhill, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. 


  1. Now this is a perfect example of why people should get a tattoo - not for fashion or for fun, but for a real, personal, and meaningful reason.

    1. I couldn't put across my desire in any better words Hazel. It was so real, and I don't think it will ever leave me (emotionally and of course now visibly) x x x

  2. It looks beautiful Alice. (the new blog look is ace too) xxx

    1. Aww thanks Gem. So much.
      I love elephants a lot, but of course this one especially.
      x x x

  3. Noticed that individuals that get inked are the sweetest, kindest & compassionate humans, just saying! I, personal love body art:)

    1. Oh my gosh Cosmic, you really know how to flatter a girl :)
      Yes, I have always admired body art too, there is always a story to tell x x x


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