Understanding, when it’s complicated.

I’m not lucky because my husband always agrees with me, he doesn’t. We argue and fight and we certainly don’t always get along. But, that’s what makes us...us. We are real and human, who share one emotion – love, after all.  

Enjoying the secluded beach at Thorpe Bay this morning ♥
On Instagram a few nights ago this post from EarthyAndy grabbed my attention, because it was so incredibly accurate and relatable to my life. Andy described how her husband had gone ‘health food’ shopping with her and even though he didn’t understand it, he ‘played along’ to support her regardless, and that in itself was enough to show his caring nature.
I’ve definitely been in this situation, once, twice, so be it one hundred times before. Because, I am extremely selective with food. I generally surround myself with healthy food, I have a desire to stay fit and healthy that often makes life difficult. I’m also vegetarian, which means we rarely cook meat at home, meaning my husband mostly eats meat free – not through choice, but circumstance.  
He understands that gone are the days of convenience food, or a cheeky ‘takeaway’ and I think its okay to talk about it, because in life we have choices. What car we drive, what colour lipstick we wear – all these little choices (as irrelevant as some of them are), become a part of who we are. My biggest choice – is food.  
I choose to eat healthy, vegetarian and mostly organic as it’s my passion and I feel as if almost the biggest misunderstanding is that it’s a diet or quick fix. Y’know it’s actually my life.  
This weekend we took a trip to Southend-on-Sea; we walked down the pier hand in hand, visited the infamous set of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, and ate ice cream on the pier. It was lovely, and I felt at ease. We both felt relieved and happy that we could eat ice cream together, and it not cause an argument or some sort of problem.  

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast was filmed here! I have wanted to come here for so long, it's now being used as an ice cream parlour.
  I know it might sound bizarre and almost alien for anyone who has not experienced it. But, I do find it so difficult balancing life and living my lifestyle in a constantly ‘junk fuelled’ environment.
Just as much as I enjoyed the ice cream, health is about balancing moderation and happiness.
You can’t deprive yourself of the food that makes you happy, but you also cannot eat food that makes you desperately unhappy.
I’ve learnt the hard way and carried a lot on my shoulders for a long time. But, I fought this hard to get here and will always be proud of who I am and I wouldn't be half the person I am without an incredibly understanding husband.



  1. Staying strong and true to who you are and how you want to live your life is so incredibly important - good for you for sticking to your guns!
    It's lovely that you are still able to enjoy an occasional ice cream together, while keeping to a healthy diet (and by that I mean what you eat, not a diet diet).
    I was struck by realisation, when I went to a festival recently, that along side all the fast food, hamburgers, pizzas and the like, was just one solitary vegetarian and vegan stall. And when I think about my local high street, you can get fast food easily but it's so much harder to find a healthy alternative. I hadn't realised this before now.

    1. Hazel, rightly said.
      I do often find myself alienated in situations such as festivals or events, especially when fast food is so readily available. I often find myself taking a packed lunch!
      It's hard and frustrating at times, but I do believe there are more healthier options cropping up, for example the 'EAT' chain is fantastic.
      x x x

  2. It's great that you can still happily share in some things together, without question <3 xx

    1. Sophie, of course.
      You know how much I love spending quality time with Mr Taylor. Food is all about the balance, but you know this as well as me ♥
      x x x


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