Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Above all, Love.

'It is estimated that 36,000 elephants are killed each year - roughly one every 15 minutes.
If the killing continues at this rate, campaigners say, there could be no elephants left in the wild in 15 years'.


I was fortunate to meet the most beautiful, intelligent and loving elephant named Pang, whilst in Thailand this year. I knew my time with her was truly precious and rare. I remember staring into her deep dark eyes - wondering what she could be thinking. 
All I wanted to do was love her with all of my heart. Because so many elephants are treat unfairly and are killed in the most awful and horrific circumstances.

I respect elephants, and will always store a deep love in my heart for Pang and many others like her.

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  1. I have a huge respect for elephants, such fascinating creatures. Have you read Jodie Picoult's new book? sounds random but it features a lot about elephants and gives a new insight x

    1. Respect is beautiful, and so greater than any gift. I've not heard of the book - but I'm going to search for it now. I am intrigued :) x x x

  2. Very sad state of affairs(adore all animals, amphibians etc.) humans can be so destructive and cruel; all for greedy materialistic purposes. No morals whatsoever. I see you Alice getting up & personal with SE Asians finest local inhabitants, I'm taking adorably-human-like primates, the orangutan. Their habitat is being destroyed for dubious palm oil plantations(greed again:( )making the humble and intelligent primate species extinct :( .

    1. It is all too sad and tragic. I must admit, I have a feeling I might cross paths with an orangutan one day. x x x

  3. Elephants are such fabulous creatures and I feel such sadness at the way in which some humans seem to exploit them and hasten their demise. Pang looks truly beautiful, it must have been an amazing experience to interact with her so closely. xxx

    1. Linda, it really was life-changing.
      When we were planning our trip to Asia I dreamed of elephants, and seeing them in natural surroundings, but I never dared imagine getting so close to one.
      I felt safe and loved in her presence!
      x x x


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