The Beach. Phi Phi Islands & Beyond

There's no question of doubt that I am an Island girl. 
I love the idea of Island life - as remote, wonderful and simple it is. (I grew up watching Channel 4s Shipwrecked through my teens, enough said).
When planning our trip to Thailand, I was drawn towards Phi Phi Islands - the infamous home of the most glorious Islands between Phuket and mainland Thailand, aka The Beach film set, where Tilda and Leo made it all look so wildly effortless in the year 2000. 

We took a day, jumped on a boat trip and headed towards the tropics.
I wore my favourite multi-colour clothing all at once and embraced being able to enter the clear waters - fully dressed. 

One day I will be a mermaid (that is for sure)...

My one and only disappointment was the pure volume of crowds. This place was popular, hella popular. The beaches were crowded and it all was a little overbearing at times.

I definitely in every instance felt compelled to visit Phi Phi, but my heart pines for the remote, quieter, secret, less populated...

There is no denying that these Islands provide a beautiful back drop, a walk on a very memorable film set and a small token of Island life. 
It certainly is worth a visit for that alone.  


  1. It looks beautiful there. I love that middle photograph of you - looking fabulous! xxx

  2. Beautiful pics and the precious memories you're creating for you and your loved-ones!


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