Dig Deeper. Swim in the Ocean. Explore Every Mountain & Travel The World

The title of this post sums up my feelings pretty well. Because, once upon a time I was too scared to travel the length and breadth of the country. Now I could hardly recognise the girl before, because travel consumes my every thought and not a day passes without a burning desire to visit a beautiful city, island, Temple or taste a different culture.

Phuket - Swimming in the ocean is one of my most treasured and sacred joys.
I yearn for Thailand and its beauty, I dream of unlocking Fiji once more (this one will be saved for when the time is right), I ache to explore the unknown, ticking off continents, countries and mapping my heart around the world and collecting stamps in my passport.

Fiji - Meeting friends along the way - Si-Mon chopped down coconuts and gave me my first taste of fresh coconut water.
Just a few nights ago we planned our next big adventure travelling to Vietnam and Malaysia in Spring
2016. Travelling back to Asia was not a difficult decision to make - because there was no competition in our hearts. Thailand gave us just a tiny taste of such an incredibly spiritual and truly heart-warming continent.  
Kanchanaburi, Thailand - The Bridge on the River Kwai was truly spectacular.
With a girly retreat booked in September to Morocco, and a winter break to Iceland over Christmas, I am so fuelled with passion and excitement for travel. Something I never thought I would find myself saying.

Ocean Beach, New Zealand -  Beaches are beautiful even in winter.
But, that's the thing with life, it surprises you in ways you didn't think were even possible. 
I feel as though I am unlocking the adventure I have always dreamed of. 

Ayutthaya, Thailand -  Travel is ultimately peace and tranquilty for me.
 I'm most happiest when I travel. I know as much as this.
Travel is love, and to love is to live.


  1. All theses adventures sound amazing!
    You will love Morocco!

    1. I really am intrigued, I have already pinned lots of tile inspiration!
      And also, the Moroccon food by far consumes my interests x x x

  2. Fabulous adventures - your confidence has grown so much and it shows in your stunning photographs. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Linda. I used to hate having my photograph taken, and always felt awkward in front of the lens, even into my early twenties, something deep inside of me changed one day. And, I do believe I found the inner strength to conquer my extreme shyness x x x

  3. Truly inspiration being you are,Alice!

  4. This all looks and sounds fabulous, enjoy every moment x


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