A Date With A Dragon

Before I visited Thailand I’d heard of this exotic fruit, but had never dared try it. It was a mystery to me and then suddenly I fell head over heels in love with it. 
I might be bias, but the fact its pink is a definite attraction...

My first taste was at a hotel breakfast - I was pursuing the yoghurt, muesli and fruit bar and was completelely compelled when I spied a plate of carefully chopped dragon fruit. It’s distinive pink skin, and black and white spotty inner was a glorious site!


Needless to say, my bowl was full and my taste buds tingling with excitement.
What followed next was a mind blowing trip to a Thai food market in Chiang Mai, which sold a mass of tropical fruits, veg and spices to stock a whole larder full. Again, I was instantly drawn towards the pinkness.

This smoothie cost me 35 baht, the equivelent of 64p - which is completely unbelievable really. By far the most quenching smoothie I have ever tasted, plus I got to see it made fresh in front of me.
Here, I had my very first Dragon Fruit smoothie – which was so quenching. I do love trying a variety of super foods, smoothies and healthy fruits, but my this hit the spot like no other before.

As we left Chiang Mai and headed to Phuket, our breakfast was that of kings. A delicious selection of Thai, continental, pastries and fruit...glorious fruit.
The first morning, I must have consumed an entire dragon fruit to myself, and day by day I kept going back for more...

The best tropical breakfast I have ever found - at the Radisson Blu Plaza Panwa Beach, Phuket
You are probably wondering what a dragon fruit actually tastes of? The taste itself is nothing powerful or distinctive. It’s very quenching and works itself well with other fruits, as well as yoghurt and honey.

Yes, I have a feeling the Dragon is a foodie dream, and most certainly having its moment right now.
When it’s this cute and ridiculously good for your insides, how can you not fall for the infamous dragon?

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  1. That breakfast bowl does look good. Yep, I quite agree how auspicious the dragon is!

  2. OK, so now I'm going to have to try it.


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