We leave for Thailand in a few hours’ time... I'm feeling all kinds of excitement for this trip, as it is our first trip to Asia and our first big adventure since our Honeymoon last year.


So much love, care and thought has gone into the past 9 months of planning this trip.
We are going to be travelling around Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and then heading to Phuket to celebrate our very first wedding anniversary. (It's going to be emotional come the 24th).

It's been an especially tiring couple of months at work and at home too. Spending months of solid training for my half marathon and a fair amount of time afterwards running. I guess, I can admit I'm ready for a break.

I definitely am excited to explore, discover, but most of all become relaxed and find some calm and balance. Yoga, meditation and relaxation are all very much on my agenda, as well as fulfilling my one true love - writing.

See you soon.
Mrs Taylor


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