26 - Fit & Healthy

I turned twenty-six on Monday.

I took one precious hour out of a busy day (work, dinner, sleep) for myself - I ran.

The added ‘birthday’ adrenaline spurred me on - I ran 12k with a fierce determination and smile on my face. I suddenly realised: this was me at my best, my fittest and ultimately my happiest.
No present, birthday meal or celebratory drink could have given me the feeling of delight and satisfaction.
I know age is definitely a learning curve, and growing older is not a negative, certainly not for me. As I grow older I have my heart firmly set on staying fit and healthy - it's my dream to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

Right now - at this age, I am enjoying being fit, working out, pushing myself and most of all enjoying life just as it is. 

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  1. You've given yourself the best 'gift' ever, being healthy, fit and strong; very empowering and an example to all those around you(belated birthday wishes, Alice:)!


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