Work Out

Tonight after my evening run, I decided to stretch and workout on a bit of grass in the park where I run. Usually my post-run exercises are in the car park directly next to my car and are more of a structured routine rather than free time.   
It’s taken me all of this time to realise - that it’s okay to take a chance and be

A self-timed photo.

Tonight I stretched, balanced and energetically star jumped in public.
I didn’t even notice the onlookers or passers-by.
Believe me, it was liberating!
Unlike my Year 7 self, there is no longer need to hide the fact I am doing something to keep fit
and healthy.

I don’t have any friends to run or exercise with – it’s
always been a solo sport for me, but sometimes I crave company. Tonight I took
solace in being my very own best friend.

Forever inspired by Sophie.

 photo alicesign_zps71940e85.jpg


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