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Just over two years ago I was overweight, desperately unfit and worryingly unhappy with my life. I had zero confidence and often struggled finding ways to get by from day to day. 
Then I discovered running. 
What started out as a way to essentially lose a little bit of weight, completely turned my entire life around. 
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Today I ran the Plusnet Sheffield Half Marathon - a race I had my heart set on running for a very long time.

Here is my heartfelt and honest account of today:
I was so anxious and nervous yesterday as nerves began to set in, waking up this morning I felt excitement and eagerness to arrive in Sheffield city centre. The fact I was running completely alone daunted me, especially as groups of people began to gather at the starting zone. I felt a little bit like a little fish in a big sea. But I knew, my passion for running would get me through. 

The pursuit out of the city centre upto Ecclesall Road was truly brilliant; I felt a thrill running past some of my favourite haunts. It was when approaching Ringinglow Road (dubbed the King of the hill) - I began to feel the pain set in. I have little experience of hills and the quite ironic gusty wind did not help. But, I pushed through and I spotted a work colleague in the crowd who eagerly spurred me on.

Once up the hill, the course really took me on a whole new experience - trail running, in the tip of the Peak District. I was absolutely in my element running through the amazing scenery, Sheephill Road was a breath of fresh air. It was after this point, I really struggled - coinciding with needing the toilet (really badly); I did have a moment in my mind wondering how I was ever going to get to the finish line.

The downhill pursuit back into Sheffield centre, was a little more relaxed, but on approaching the final 3mile mark - I ached, I pained, I felt absolutely drained and exhausted. I kept thinking I wouldn't be able to make it, and felt so disappointed in myself. I reminded myself how far I’d come and giving up was not an option.

I don't know how - but I found that final spur of energy in my gut, and that last 10 minutes seems a complete blurry image for me. Seeing the final finish line, I gave it my all. Ran passed the cheering crowds and passed the line literally into the arms of a paramedic! I was shaking, and could barely walk - this was definitely the most I have ever pushed my body. 
I did manage to walk after this and then eventually find my husband and family, after a little cry on the side of the street. Gosh, the emotion I cannot even describe.

It was every inch physically and mentally draining today. But, up until the age of 23 I had never done any sort of exercise, I dodged PE like the plague and never took part in after school activities – something I deeply regret. Running like I did today demonstrated that being physically fit is not a gift nor something you are born with – it takes time, dedication and focus to train and transform your body.


Finishing the race was my ultimate goal, and as the pain had overtaken all my thoughts on a decent finish time. As you can imagine, I was completely astounded and shocked, when I realised I had finished in less than 2 hours - my absolute ultimate dream for the race originally when I applied back in January. 

This is a tale of hard work, determination and having your heart set on changing something. All I ever wanted was to find confidence in myself and happiness and fulfilment in life – running has undoubtedly provided me with that and I couldn’t ever be more thankful.

Literally, believe me when I say: anything is possible.

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  1. This is such an amazing achievement, well done you!

    Maria xxx

  2. Alice, you are utterly inspiring! Your race time is brilliant and your gutsy determination has made you who you are today xx

  3. Well sone Alice, really proud of you xx

  4. You've done very well Alice! I admire anyone who can run!x

  5. Inspirational indeed, congrats Alice!

  6. Congratulations! :)


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