Hummingbirds & Teddy Bears

This Easter I had one burning desire… and that was to have ourselves a picnic - in the woods.
The Hummingbird cake is from Jamie Oliver’s glorious Comfort Food series, and contains a dreamlike set of ingredients – Pineapple, banana, pecans & edible flowers. Of course I wasn’t just content baking, eating, and devouring the cake – I had to do the cake justice and photograph it arched on a woodland log in the middle of the woods. Just because...
Since receiving a Fortnum & Mason picnic basket for Christmas I was counting down the months until appropriate picnic weather.  Coinciding with my baking of a cake I had admired from a far and finally got around to baking this Easter, it was the perfect excuse to eat cake in the woods! Literally.
It was our first Easter together as a married couple – visiting church this morning cemented the fact that we are still very much new to married life.  And brought back a lot of memories, especially of our service.
Easter for us – has been about spending time together, relaxing and enjoying one and other’s company. Today was about spending Easter together, and it just so happened to be the perfect day for a picnic. 
Was my wedding gift from Simon. May I say he is the most treasured bear that ever was.

Happy Easter Folks.


  1. Oh what a lovely way to spend the day! x

  2. oh Alice, this looks perfect!
    A picnic in the woods <3 xx

  3. Fabulous idea creating wonderful life-long memories along the way!

  4. This is so lovely, what a lovely way to make memories!

    Maria xxx

  5. That looks like a very civilised picnic! Must try that cake, it looks delicious :)

  6. What a perfect way to spend Easter.

  7. What a lovely experience to have. The weather was perfect x


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