A Pocketful of Dreams

Recently I've become more aware of myself, my dreams and influence on those around me. From those who have known me for a very long time or those for only a short while, some are still completely shocked that I turned my life around, and often express almost disbelief that I had it in me - to change and ultimately find the confidence that was buried deep inside. I'm not at all offended, because I didn’t think that I could ever be as happy, confident, loved, and fulfilled as I am today.

The Great Outdoors Attire - Coat by Trespass, Trousers and Shoes by Karrimor, Headband and scarf sent from the enchanting Sophie
This was such a blissful day in the Peak District, a day which was completely carefree, doing the things I love - and totally uplifting and thrilling.

Dreams have always played a part in my life – even in my toughest years, and pre-adulthood, I was a keen dreamer.
I was always so reserved and quiet for so long – and hid my own achievements, but with age (ultimately), my weight loss journey, travelling and seeing the world and getting married to my absolute rock of a husband I feel I can finally be proud of what I have in life.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped dreaming – I have more tailored dreams now, with much more structure, possibility, yet still with enough whimsicality to make them fuelling, exciting and within reach (almost).
The biggest problem with dreams is that sometimes we all have the same ones. Being questioned about why you have succeeded in something or grasped an opportunity is a tough one to answer. For a second it can make you flutter, but then you remember just how tough it was to get here, and that you don't at all for a second take a moment of your life for granted.
We can all have dreams, and we can share dreams. Because believe it or not, there is enough love, happiness, luck, and good in the world for everybody.

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  1. Lovely post Alice, I can see that you and I have similar taste in spending time in the great outdoors.
    Dreams are a funny one. I'm not a dreamer at all. It's not my style. I'm a realist and don't like to ponder much beyond my busy bubble.
    I kind of envy those who know what they want to achieve, or be or just do, it must be exciting.
    Thanks for the mention xx

    1. Aww Sophie, you know dreams are a funny one indeed and I do think they mean different things to different people. Rightly so, I think small dreams (be it about clothes or an exciting dream purchase can equally be as fuelling as the BIG ones, career etc.)
      One of my dreams - was to find a friend in you, and I did just that. Don't you know it, you inspire me day in, day out. I often think of you.
      Never, ever give up on dreaming Sophie. x x x

  2. Totally in your element, love it:-) X

  3. Dreams are funny things aren't they? Love that you are working towards yours :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Dreams are amazing. I'm so happy to see that you're on such a good path at the moment and making the most of life because life really is fantastic! I'm on a similar journey myself. It feels so good to shed the bad, realise those dreams and make magic happen x


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