An Asian Adventure

This year… we are going to Thailand!
Whilst nearing the end of our honeymoon last year - which took us across the world to Fiji, New Zealand and America, we drew up essentially a bucket list of places and destinations which we would plan and work on making happen.
There are lots of places we hope to visit in our lifetime, which we may not get to see for decades or sadly ever. But, we have a shared dream to fulfil our hearts and passion for travel whilst we are still relatively young.  And the big one – married, just us two.
We have never visited Asia before, but what drew us in where the tropical beaches, rich culture, diverse food, and sense of adventure.  We are such big foodies – and I can’t wait to sample some authentic Pad Thai and Thai Yam salad. Not to mention a fresh supply of coconut water. 
Of course, my holiday shopping commenced late August, (shopping out of season is always the winner), picking up 50p bikinis on clearance and every faux tropical flower in existence.

What am I most looking forward to about this trip? 
 Thailand Insp
The preparation, planning and lead up!
I was so caught up in wedding mania last year, by the time we were mid-air on our way to beloved Fiji, I was so exhausted and overcome with emotion that I felt I’d missed out on something. I typically over packed – and ended up donating half of my suitcase to a local Op shop in New Zealand. So this time I’m determined to only take the bare essentials, leaving room to bring a few authentic textiles home with me.
Our honeymoon was truly magical, and full of pure love, devotion, and once in a lifetime moments which will stay in our hearts forever. But rightly so - we are ready for the next chapter as husband and wife.
Let the adventure and self discovery begin.

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  1. Oh this will be so much fun, I can't wait to see your planning and photos!

    Maria xxx

  2. I have always wanted to travel to Asia and Thailand is one of those places which draws me because of the beautiful landscapes, food and culture - I bet you're gonna have an amazing time and you'll probably get some fantastic photos! - Tasha

  3. Ahh fabulous Alice, you will have an amazing time. x

  4. Oh wow, you're going to have the best time! xo


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