Monday, 24 November 2014

Our Wedding.

6 months ago I said: I do.

Alice and Simon (229 of 366) (2) 

Alice and Simon (83 of 366) Alice and Simon (132 of 366)Alice and Simon (253 of 366) Alice and Simon (250 of 366)
Alice and Simon (244 of 366) Alice and Simon (205 of 366)
Alice and Simon (264 of 366)
Alice and Simon (207 of 366)
Alice and Simon (237 of 366)
Alice and Simon (365 of 366)

Words could not have prepared me for a day of such incredible emotion and giving and receiving the token of true and everlasting love. I felt pure joy, happiness, devotion and above all trust not only in love, but in life.
This day changed me, I did the impossible – I beat my crippling shyness, every day I need to remember just how far I’ve come. 
I wholeheartedly love my husband.

All photograph credit to our amazing photographer Melissa With Love.

Friday, 21 November 2014

My Cinderella Shoe: Ice Cream Shoes

When choosing my wedding shoes I was underwhelmed – I just couldn’t decide on a style. I had considered wearing my Hunter wellingtons, but still dreamed of something more ‘Cinderella.’

I wanted magic and sparkle, and by pure chance and excellent savviness in the form of Gemma
- I had found my dream Ice Cream shoes!

Scouring the Internet one day I spotted a photograph of a celebrity wearing these shoes (the black version) and instantly knew they had to be mine! After months of stalking and hoping, Gemma gave me the ultimate tip off when they hit ASOS. 

Alice and Simon (228 of 366)
The moment they arrived I was smitten. I have never been a ‘shoegal’ (like my heroes Carrie Bradshaw and Alex and Char), but this shoe changed my life! The fact I wore them on my wedding day obviously gives them royalty status among my shoddy counterparts. 

But also the fact I only get them out on V.Special occasions (like seeing Lady Gaga last night Live.)  And the way I carefully and precisely pack them away in their allocated dust bag and shoe box, means I have finally found my one shoe love.

 photo alicesign_zps71940e85.jpg


Monday, 10 November 2014

Water For Elephants

Sometimes you catch a film by pure chance, and it suddenly captures your whole heart and entire imagination. Water For Elephants is this in a nutshell. 


Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon play firm leads, and both equally sparkle. I love the kind nature of this film, it reminds me so much of The Notebook – how the story of true everlasting love is told in such a nostalgic and magical way.  

The undeniable star of the film is Rosie – the elephant, seeing such a towering animal on screen made my heart skip a beat. I became so enticed by her presence, and grand entrance, I felt a great urge to research elephant history. 

Discovering this film, coincides with planning a very exciting travel adventure for 2015. I’m absolutely saddened to learn that so many elephants are unfairly treated in the world. With this thought it mind it has made me more determined to visit a dedicated sanctuary which cares for elephants in a positive way and give them the gratitude and respect they truly deserve.

I absolutely adore this film. Go watch.
 photo alicesign_zps71940e85.jpg

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