Friday, 22 August 2014

Bloggers Do It Best

One day I started writing a blog, for months I was writing to nobody – I didn’t know who was out there, but I dared to carry on – just to see.
I never imagined that I would go onto meet three of the most intelligent, creative, whimsical and sincere girls I know. 
Wedding Penpals
Alex, myself, Gemma & Sophie.

You see Alex’s blog was one I came across a very long time ago – I was fascinated by her stunning collection of frocks (not to mention her shoes). In March 2013 she invited me along to the most unassuming, wonderful and cosy trip to Norbury Manor. Whilst here – I went onto discover a whole new me. 

Gemma had the initiative to set up a pen pal exchange – it was through this we bonded over cakes, boys, music, film, literature and life. We then went on a seaside trip to Blackpool in August 2013 - in which she introduced me to the song I chose to dance with my Father. (And she tracked down my wedding shoes … massive kudos.)

And the final piece – Sophie.
Sophie has every quality that makes a friendship real. We met through blogging and mutual pen-palling, and then met for the very first time in person at Norbury Manor – which saw us have unbelievable all night girly chats – we exhausted each other’s thoughts and emotions, but something clicked deep inside. We had so much in common. It was like meeting the best friend you never knew you had. 

I knew - that on my wedding day I had to have my closest and dearest in my life to witness my marriage and join us in celebration.  It was one night, I turned to my husband-to-be and said "If I have one wish, it is to have my pen pals at my wedding."
And that wish came true.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Alex, Gemma & Sophie for changing my life forever and standing by me on the most special day of my life.  

Sunday, 17 August 2014


When I was little I ate jam sandwiches every day in my lunchbox. But then one day, I didn’t eat jam sandwiches anymore.
Blue Jam
I strongly believe that food has that magical quality of being able to instantly transport you back to a moment in time, predominantly childhood.  Jam is most certainly that food for me (along with Jaffa Cakes and Fish Fingers...yes.).
A couple of weeks ago, we picked some home-grown strawberries from the allotment and I hastily decided to make some strawberry jam on spur of the moment – but I was much unprepared. It was a very chaotic couple of hours in the kitchen. I didn’t measure out my quantities, I struggled sterilising my equipment and the final result ended in a burnt hob.  The jam however, was very scrumptious.  (The test is always in the taste.)
Blue Jam 2
A few weeks and jam observing later I decided to get properly prepared, I sterilised my jars, chose my fruit, measured out my sugar … and voila…
I made blueberry jam!
Yum yum yum.
The problem with home-made jam – like anything home-made, is that once you’ve made your own there is simply no going back. I’m awfully sorry Sir William Pickles Hartley.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Fiji – The Most Beautiful Place in the World

I have always dreamt of visiting a tropical island, when researching destinations for our honeymoon we couldn’t help but fall in love with Fiji.
It took almost twenty-four hours to get there (We flew from London Heathrow to LAX and then onto Fiji), but the moment we arrived we were greeted by the most fabulous welcome, bellows of ‘BULA’ and singing in the airport and gifts of string beads! We had truly arrived in paradise and there was no going back.
We stayed at the Radisson BLU Hotel in Denarau, it was truly luxurious in every sense, the staff were so welcoming, we had no worries or qualms whilst staying there. We were gifted some complimentary ‘Honeymoon’ champagne, which we saved until our very last night.
Newleywed Mr and Mrs Taylor
For the first time ever we ordered room service (The most delicious lamb kofta for me) – and we didn’t even feel guilty doing so!
We have so many unbelievable memories, moments and experiences. I can truly say our honeymoon was the best time of my entire life – long wholesome days spent doing very little, basking in the sun, exploring the culture, dressing in my favourite bikinis, wearing as many flowers in my hair all at once, feasting on amazing fish dishes (The best ever calamari and chips), drinking fresh coconut juice straight from the tree, trying every tropical fruit in the land, snorkelling with amazing sea life, witnessing the most intimate wedding ceremony on remote coastland and watching the glorious sunset - we were truly spoilt.
We both had a clear vision of tropical, romance and magic – I knew our honeymoon was going to contain these elements, but Fiji was breathtakingly amazing, it was everything I had dreamed, ached, and longed for, - and so MUCH more.
This is most definitely, in every instance, a heartfelt ode to the most beautiful place in the world.
Our hearts will always belong in Fiji forever.  

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fig Love

When I started blogging almost six years ago I was still a teenager and didn’t really know where my life was headed, but I suddenly became fascinated and absorbed in the blogging community.
I wrote mostly about my desire to own lots of lovely stuff and my many fashion inspirations. I then went onto document my second-hand finds and whimsical treasures. I shared a lot of personal troubles too and always felt comfort in knowing there was somebody listening.

vista use

In March 2013 I was invited along to a blogging holiday in Derbyshire, I went onto meet some of the most influential people of my life.  Something deep inside of me changed that weekend– and I truly believe that these individuals were the making of me. Girls I will always be thankful to.

I then went onto discover a whole new me, – I got fit, lost weight and changed my entire life, all in the lead up to my May 2014 wedding. I’m not going to lie it was the most overwhelming experience of my life to date.  And blogging simply was not possible with so much going on around me.
Now. I have a heart full of emotions, a fresh perspective and a deep and burning desire to write.
I sadly have to say goodbye to An Alien World.

I warmly introduce you to Fig Love – ‘a brainchild, a lifestyle and ultimately a dream’.

Old friends, we meet again.

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