Our First Married Christmas

It’s no secret I’ve always loved Christmas. I still find it impossible to sleep Christmas Eve and squeal with absolute delight when I know Father Christmas is on his way. I love getting the house decorated (Far too early, the 29th November this year) and I love spending time at home feeling festive and cosy. 

I have so many treasured memories of my childhood Christmas's at home with my parents and brother, but inevitably over time, things changed. I met Simon and we had twice the amount of family to visit. I’m not going to lie I found this part of Christmas stressful, I actually felt our Christmas Day was very much like the film Four Christmas’s (we have three sets of parents between us), it was all a very organised event, in which we would awake early, open presents and then be out the door at our first appointment and not arrive home until late in the evening.

Spending our final unmarried Christmas last year rushing around, we made a decision to spend THIS Christmas together at home – just us two. Call us mad, but this is the best gift we could have ever wished for. No rush, no pressure, no thrills, no driving, just a simple Christmas Day with the most important person in the world.

I have learnt to love and cherish every moment of joy and happiness this year. We have experienced the most incredible journey together, and I am so proud to be Simon’s wife. It’s our 6th Christmas together, and our first married – which is sure enough reason to call for a celebration!
I love you Mr Taylor

Merry Christmas


  1. I'm having my first Christmas where I'm not at home, rather scary. I was with Martyn last year but we had our own Christmas on the 27th. Really looking forward to a whole day together, we only get 2 a month ad cooking up a huge feast. So happy to see the bauble taking pride of place on your tree :) xxx

  2. I hope you enjoyed it. Christmas gets so stressful with family and now everyone of course wants to see the children when all they want to do is stay home and play with their new toys!


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