Thursday, 14 February 2013

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy who dreamed of robots and horses, one day their wish came true…

My Boots 75% sale day dash unearthed this beauty, the Joules Robert the Robot wash bag to accompany my Winnie one at a fraction of the original price - £4. I knew a man (who cares if we’re technically grown-ups) who would appreciate the pure charm of this fella.

Yesterday marked Simon and I’s fourth anniversary, we met the day before Valentine’s Day so this always subsequently combines with Valentine's. For me it isn’t about over the top gestures or flashy presents. It’s much more about good old- fashioned romance. I hope you all enjoy the day, whichever way you spend it.

p.s I love you Mr.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Queen of Cakes: Mary Berry

When I think about role models and inspirations I’m quick to pick out fictional characters, but of course there is one obvious problem with that - none of them are real. A real life inspiration is so much harder to define, because for me it’s got to be someone who has achieved the impossible against all odds, and always no matter what followed their heart.

Mary Berry, cookery writer and author, most recently known for her role on The Great British Bake Off, has revolutionised baking and home cooking and gone on to inspire a whole new generation of bakers in the making.

Mary Berry is such an incredible and unassuming lady. One I admire greatly, for her pure passion and devotion to her craft. Although I do enjoy baking, I am not going to spring into a professional overnight, but I deeply admire Mary Berry for one thing – her passion.

She shows that hard work does ultimately pay off, and if you are passionate and determined to succeed, ultimately you will. The fact she started out as a writer and carved out her own career in journalism and food writing makes me incredibly inspired. She explored different paths all in her grasp, to forge a 60-year strong career – and even more incredibly so has no plans or desire to retire.

She is someone who doesn’t give up, someone who has had her own personal struggles and terrible tragedy in her life. Which shows what we often have in life, can be so cruelly snatched away without notice. I admire the deep courage and strength she found to carry on.

When she infamously wore this Zara floral bomber jacket last year, she amazed the fashion critics and the jacket immediately sold out - proving that you can look stylish at any age.

Sometimes I worry about getting older and how I will ever age gracefully (don’t we all), but I believe if you are a genuinely nice person, then you need never worry. Mary is such a warm, humble, and refined lady – someone success hasn’t spoilt, and someone who has a genuine passion not only for her craft, but for life too.

She is ultimately someone who has inspired me to work hard and follow my dreams.


Monday, 4 February 2013

Jumble Joy

I stumbled upon a jumble sale advertised recently which is quite rare, I’ve only ever found one other in my area and that was nearly two years ago. You know I’m not going to miss out on a chance of attending a jumble sale!

Of course I bookmarked the day in my diary, and was keen to arrive on time – as jumbles are often known for being a little bit chaotic.

I headed straight towards the bric a brac but it was a bit of a let-down, the only thing I spied was a black chandelier, it would have looked fabulous, but I knew practically we had no room/logical purpose for it. I had a quick scan of the books and then headed straight into the mayhem of clothing. I’ve always felt a little apprehensive rummaging through clothing, but I was determined to have a good look this time.

There wasn’t actually much competition – most of the other shoppers were mainly grabbing the bigger sizes and plain stuff. I searched for vintage, but there was nothing to be found. It was mainly Primark cast offs and general high street basics.

I did find a few suitable tops – at just 20p each I thought where worthwhile. I really like the crochet sleeves on this TU one. I also managed to pick up a lightweight linen top for summer.

I was attracted to this scarf – after clearing out my collection a few years ago, I was once again drawn towards buying one. It was impulse that told me to purchase it.

Just as I was heading out, I spotted a table full of bed linens and fabrics; I’ve been longing for some new fabric for a while now and was keen to find a vintage print amongst them.

I was attracted to this rich blue floral one, previously a curtain – not sure what this one’s going to be used for yet, but it’s sturdy and would make a great seat cover.

This one I thought was a duvet cover, but once I got home later discovered to be a sheet. But having bought it with the intention of using it as material anyway it worked out in my favour. I’m planning to make some cushions for the summer house at the allotment with this! Both fabrics again – a very modest 20p each.

I spent little more than £1.00 (including 20p admission); it’s really put me in the mood for a fun filled summer of bargain hunting.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Eat Pray Love

Recently whilst reading about Vix’s amazing adventures in Goa, she wrote how the only place that she feels most alive is in India – and this really got me thinking. Where do I feel most alive? Am I even close to finding true paradise?

Although I am not well travelled in regards countries and continents, I do have places that can instantly transport me back to happy times and provide me with that everlasting longing to go back...

1. Paris
I spent my whole life dreaming of Paris, this huge part of me had this burning desire to visit one day. I grew up idolising Joey Potter and Carrie Bradshaw who themselves dreamed of the city, and this made me incredibly intrigued as I’d always strongly related to their ambitions.

I collected all sorts of Paris memorabilia – even though I’d never stepped foot into the border of France. I was besotted with images of the Eiffel tower and studied the French language at GCSE. All this concluded: I was always destined to visit one day.

Last March I was whisked away to Paris by my Mr – he obviously knew how much Paris meant to me, and all of the dreams I had stored. The single most significant day of my life occurred at the very top of the Eiffel Tower and for this reason alone I believe a part of my heart will always belong in Paris.

When you dream of visiting somewhere for so long, and it not only lives up to every expectation, but also surprises you in ways you didn’t think were possible, it leaves you completely and utterly fulfilled.

2. Brighton
Brighton is my ultimate escape. I feel a whole different me when in Brighton, I feel culturally richer and more confident than I ever do in everyday life, I never need worry about being me.

Deep down I knew all along it was my kind of place – from swooning over Sugarush, I just knew. My trips to Brighton have confirmed a love I knew all along: the culture, the mods, the rockers, the VWs, the vintage, the retro - all in one fabulous home.

3. To be discovered...
This one is blank, because there is a part of me desperately wanting more miles, more countries and ultimately more travel in my life. We’ll have to see where this takes me.

Where are your top 3 destinations?

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