Sunday, 21 July 2013

Oh So Quiet

I suddenly have the urge to write, and finally sit down and blog. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, since returning from holiday I have really thrown myself into a number of activities – from setting up my own cleaning business (living the glam lifestyle) and working for myself, to getting fit and putting my running shoes on, to selling my wares at the car boot and inevitably bringing some home too. I’ve pushed myself to the ultimate extreme and it’s been challenging, but one hundred and ten percent worthwhile – I genuinely feel refreshed, rejuvenated and stronger than I have ever felt.
 If I’m being totally honest, this time 6 months ago I led a very different lifestyle - I was lethargic, unhealthy, boring and most concerning unhappy with myself. It’s such a difficult thing to admit – my life has always been shadowed with uncertainty and I’ve often been crippled with shyness and confidence issues. I’ve had my hard share of knockbacks and disappointments in various aspect of my life, but I do believe these have shaped me and taught me the value of inner strength. 

I’m lucky that I have had the incredible support of my long-term love (and husband to-be) Simon, which has been the real making of me. Before I met him I was a lost little girl, tied up in my own troubles and so shadowed from the world. I hadn’t experienced life as I know it now - I hadn’t travelled, I hadn’t developed my own independence, I hadn’t got into a car and learnt to drive, and most significantly I hadn’t learnt to love. He has whole-heartedly provided me with courage, strength and determination and most significantly a purpose and zest for life. He is my back bone and I know without him I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today. 

Sometimes the most simple of things seem the biggest struggle for me – making conversations and talking to strangers is my most deep rooted issue and has stuck with me my entire life.  But from what I often lack in confidence, I do strongly believe I make up for in passion. I have that burning desire to create, make, do, mend, and be happy.

What I have learnt is that you really do carve your own lifestyle out. Life can throw you some obstacles and at times the whole world can seem against you – but ultimately life is yours.  And you have to grab it with both hands. You can’t afford to sit on the side lines and be unhappy.  You might not have the best job, or an attractive set of luxuries to go with it – but ‘lifestyle’ is free, you can be whoever you want to be.


  1. I love you Alice, you're honestly one of my biggest inspirations and i really need to take a leaf out of you book xxx

  2. I am so pleased that things have turned a corner for you, you really deserve to be happy :)

    Maria xxx

  3. Well said! Whatever happens to us along the way it's us that are in control, how we react to challenges and act on obstacles make us who we are. You are such an inspiration, despite all the knock backs and disappointments you have continued to get up, dust yourself down and get on with it. I hope Simon's very proud 'cos I am! xxxxx

  4. Great post Alice, you've come so far and are lucky to have met Simon, he's clearly so right for you. So glad to hear things are going well for you :) x

  5. Alice you say it so well - you CAN be who you want to be, the best possible version of yourself! :-) I am so proud of you!

    Jem xXx

  6. It's nice to hear that you're feeling so positive Alice! I know you were having a hard time a little while ago, but you've really pushed through all of that and come out stronger than ever and that's amazing really. I know we all go through those low times where we don't really feel confident and we seem lost but I'm glad you've found your way. xxx <3

  7. So happy that things are going great for you right now, you really do deserve every happiness. Life is about crying and laughing, you've had the tears now it's time for the laugher xx enjoy the now!
    Barrina xx

  8. Agreed. Here's to carving a lifestyle.

  9. Alice you are turning your life around and it is really lovely and inspirational to watch! I think things are going to be just fine (in every sense of the word) xxx

  10. It's so nice to read that you're feeling so positive. I totally agree that you can (to some extent at least) take control and make your own luck. Things are really settled for me at the moment and I really do think a lot of that is because I've put effort into getting my life back. Hope the cleaning business (and everything else) goes well for you lovely xx

  11. :) very inspiring! Your one of these people that before I accepted and learnt to love myself I wanted to be you seem to have everything worked out and you use it to your advantage :) I really hope to be reading more from you!


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