I Love Birthdays

My birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year, so it meant we had the whole weekend to celebrate and it felt really long- lasting and lovely. 
I was so thrilled with everything I received this year, I’m so pleased and grateful for all of these gifts.  Everyone seems to know my taste so well!
Simon spoilt me rotten with letter paper and the 3rd Kirstie Allsopp stamp set (I'll never stop collecting and using these). He also surprised me with some lovely bath time treats from M&S...
He very naughtily bought me a new Toy Story figure to add to my collection – this time Rex! I know it’s getting a little bit ridiculous, but I don’t think I will ever not be besotted with the toys from the films.
My darling friend/blogger/penpal/amazing lady Sophie sent me the most adorable writing set, and cross stitch kit – she knows me far too well.     
      My Mum tracked down some amazing bargains – including this Anna Sui Paper Dolly Parade notecard set from TKMaxx - which I had been wanting and coveting so much after receiving mail from my lovely penpal Danielle.
Tins are another one of my favourite things, and it so happens I ended up with quite a bunch for my birthday. The Joules one is my favourite! It contains a baking set my Mum picked up on the 75% Boots sale day (Boots sale day bargains make great gifts).
I got two new books to read and cherish – Celia Birtwell's book I have wanted in forever (And believe it or not this was found by my Mum in The Works for £7.99!), and The Great British Sewing Bee book – I grew a little bit addicted to this programme! 
A little belated present turned up on Monday morning and I was truly spoilt. My darling friend and sweetest blogger Kat sent me the loveliest CK shaped parcel. She knows deep down where my heart lays and surprised me with the most gorgeous bag and purse.  I had only been looking for a new bag recently, and nothing seemed to fit the bill - this couldn't have come at a more perfect time.   
Birthdays always seem to be over before they have begun, unlike Christmas where it’s an on-going celebration, but this one has taught me to be grateful, brave and confident – and that’s more than what I could have asked and expected to receive this year.  


  1. This made me tear up! I'm so glad you loved it (: Hope you had the most wonderful birthday! You deserved it (:

    K ox

  2. Happy belated birthday lovely lady, so happy you had the best day <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. Beautiful gifts, obviously chosen with care. xxx

  4. WHat lovely gifts! I too had a weekend birthday, makes it extra special! x

  5. You lucky duck! I love the Anna Sui ladies! I just bought the Sewing Bee book too - hope it's as good as the series. What's the Celia one like? xx

  6. oooh the books look ace! lucky lady :) xx

  7. What lovely gifts! I adore the dressing up doll set and would love a flick through the Sewing Bee book! xxx

  8. Love the addition of Rex!! He's on of my favourite Toy Story characters.

    Victoria x

  9. Aaw, you got so many thoughtful and awesome gifts! I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of them <3 xxx

  10. What a lucky lady, so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts! Hope you had a fabulous day! x


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