Sunday, 5 May 2013

DIY Desk Makeover

A little while ago we made a trip to Ikea for a desk, I was looking for something small and lightweight to fill a corner of my craft room...
Not necessarily heavy duty, more decorative sake. I’d spotted this laptop table in the Ikea catalogue and once at the store found the desk built up in the showroom, and soon decided it was the one.
IKEA VITTSJÖ Laptop Table £30     
My love for decoration goes a long way, and I instantly had an idea.  I knew that the desk had a glass panel and I soon dreamed up a collage to lie underneath – not too dissimilar to an idea I had years ago in my old teenage bedroom.
It wasn’t as straight-forward as it seemed, as I firstly had to locate a panel to sit underneath, once that was sourced and cut to size (thank you Mr) I then got to do my bit – get creative.
I wanted something personal and significant, so I decided to have a good rummage through my correspondence and suddenly had an idea – all those beautiful post cards and cards I’d received from pen pals, bloggers and friends over the years were all stuffed away for nobody to see. 
Funnily enough I spent a good hour or so re-reading each one – remembering who sent it to me.  I really do appreciate the art of letter writing. 
I then got a little bit fiddly with the fine details (perfectionist me) and added a few stamps I’d collected to tie in with the correspondence theme.  It felt almost like creating a scrapbook page, but on a much larger scale.
I’m really pleased with the finished result, and I love how I am always able to add to it or change it around over time, without causing damage to the desk or the cards. 
So here's my most treasured correspondence on display for me to see everyday whilst working at my desk.



  1. I LOVE this idea and the finished result is amazing - what an excellent way to display your postcards xxx

  2. What a lovely idea Alice! Very creative and completely unique! Xx

  3. It looks lovely Alice and so nice to see such happy reminders every day.

  4. oh this is such a delight! I love your creativity Alice :) x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Alice! You are clever! xxx

  6. This is such an amazing idea! I wish I had penpals, I need to get back into writing letters!

    Maria xxx

  7. Oh wow, I LOVE it! You're so creative and I love how it's something super personal to you <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Ooh that's awesome! I've been looking for a desk for ages, this is good inspiration :)

  9. That is amazing girl - I love it, would be a great idea for a coffee table too!

  10. It looks amazing! What an inspiring idea. I would probably get nothing done because I would be gazing at the lovely pictures! Ha! ;) xx

  11. THat is just brilliant! It looks so amazing - I don't think you could help but be inspired sitting at that desk each day!

  12. This is such a great idea, I love it! Liz xx

  13. Brilliant makeover Alice and such a lovely way to make use of those postcards. It makes perfect sense to have them on a desk too. Ah it works on sooo many levels, ha! xx


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