I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with Love Heart sweets – back in my teenage years I filled my bedroom with love heart cushions and proudly carried around my mobile phone in a Love Hearts phone case. 
I guess it’s one of those quirky obsessions that never really left me entirely, especially when I spotted a few pieces pop up on My Mad Fat Diary recently…90s revival?  Yes please.
 This super tacky plastic money box was something I had previously had my eye on at Christmas in a department store – though I never managed to track it down in the sales.  I had a funny feeling I might bump into it eventually, it was when I got a tip off that they were selling them off in a bargain store in town, I knew I had to have one... 
£2.99 from B&M Stores
What could I possibly do with this monstrosity? Of course display it!
Did I mention it also came stuffed with Love Heart sweets.  Perfection.  


  1. Ah that's pretty cute! The strange thing is, I once got a love heart sweet that said 'Mermaid Eloise' on it - what on earth! xxx

  2. Aww i love love heart sweets. Haven't had them in ages!

  3. I love those sweets, they say 'text me' not though :( xx

  4. just LOVEly! I used to love those sweets, the FAX ME ones were just hilarious! x

  5. That's brilliant! What a kitsch find. x

  6. I love that sort of thing too, such fun.

    Victoria x

  7. I read this post yesterday, but just saw these:

    & had to come back to share with you! x

  8. Ahh it's amazing!! Love hearts are the best <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. I never heard of Love Hearts! It looks so cute though, and I love that you got it as a decoration piece. It makes your room look so fun and quirky, and it kindaaaa makes me want to be a kid again =P

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. I love love hearts, yum!! And it's a cute money box :) I really like it xxx


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