Monday, 8 April 2013

I'll Stand By You.

If you know me personally or just from reading a few of my blog posts you may know I’ve had a pretty rough ride these past couple of years.  Getting rejected from jobs time after time is something I can only describe as pure and utter disappointment and despair. 

 Beautiful Fairtrade Roses from the staff at the charity shop I have volunteered at for the past 6months.

The day after I returned home from my 4-day trip to Norbury Manor with some other bloggers last month, I attended an interview – and got offered the job the same day.  I know……..this never happens.  I didn’t share the news immediately and haven’t breathed a word to anyone, as it was subject to reference and medical checks.

A full-time permanent job is something I have longed for ever since I left college, and although there’s been jobs in-between, nothing has ever come close to having some security and long term stability in both mine and Simon’s life. 

This marks a significant change – one I am going to fully embrace, because I know how tough  it is these days (however old you are, whatever qualifications you possess and whatever your circumstance).
My best friend G couldn’t believe how fate meant I got the job offer the day after my return from spending a weekend with other bloggers.  She’s been through everything with me, and knows how much I’ve struggled, and she firmly believes something changed inside of me that weekend.  And I can only begin to agree with her. 

Being in the company of other girls who have careers of their own has given me that boost I needed all along.  The day of the interview something was different, I was a different version of me – a confident me, and I truly believe that is what got me the job offer.

A heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart  to the girls (you truly know who you are) who gave me the much needed confidence and reassurance I have been searching for my entire life.  

And a sincere thank you  to everyone who has supported me this far – those times of despair, those years of doubt and uncertainty - because quite frankly fate is a funny one. 

p.s Never, ever consider giving up, because one day someone will take a chance on you.

If anyone knows how it feels to be rejected, it’s me. 


  1. Oh my goodness this is great great news, massive congratulations to you. I know all too well how horrible it is being rejected time and time again from jobs, don't forget to credit yourself for keeping on trying despite the knock backs, this is your well deserved reward.

  2. Woohoo! I knew you would get something awesome! Thank goodness, because you definitely deserve it. Good luck with everything and I'm super pleased for you lovely! xxx

  3. Alice, i shed a little tear! I am so, SO happy for you. There are no words xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I am so happy to read this! You deserve it lovely xx

  5. Congratulations! Excellent news!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I am so so so happy for you, this really made me smile tonight :) x

  7. I know how much you truly deserve a break, I am so glad you have finally found something you have been searching so hard for. I am so happy for you! <3 xxx

  8. Massive congratulations, I'm so happy for you. You deserve this after all your hard work and perseverance. xxx

  9. Such great news and well deserved

    Victoria xxx


    I am SO pleased for you! Yayyyyyyy.

  11. FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I'm capitalising as I'm so excited for you! x

  12. Oh Alice, I'm so pleased about this, you've been through so much to get here, be proud of yourself! xx

  13. So happy to read this, what a week that must have been.

  14. Wow fantastic news Alice!!! You so deserve this.

  15. Absolutely ace news - so pleased for you!

    PS How beautiful are those roses? xxx


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