A Bunch of Second Hand Finds

This is a jumble of bits and pieces I’ve found in the past couple of months – mainly in my beloved charity shops.  This year I seem to be swooning over different things from the last, but I guess this is ultimately a good thing - taste, circumstance and purpose can all change with season.
Winnie the Pooh Tin - £3.00

This Winnie the Pooh tin was a darling find in Ashbourne – in an antiques shop, I paid a little more than what I usually would, but I simple couldn’t resist Pooh bear and it will remain a fond keepsake.  (Also coincidently – having being introduced to Pooh Sticks a day earlier by the girls, this was meant to be).  
Little Joule Cardigan - £2.50

 Found in the children’s section, I couldn’t resist a second-hand Joules item (the first I’ve ever seen) and I adore the giant yellow button and cute embroidery detailing.  We all know kids have better clothing than adults, and I’m kind of lucky this one fits me.

Quite simply the Beatrix Potter obsession will never go away.  When I spotted this video of Peter Rabbit – I realised this is where it all began.  Sitting down and watching this video almost 20 years ago made my heart melt.  I had to buy this at 20p! And Simon managed to put it onto DVD for me which means next time I’m feeling sad, Peter will undoubtedly cheer me up.
Peter Rabbit VHS and Roald Dahl Book from 1976 - 20p each
I’m always on the lookout for older versions of the Dahl classics, ever since watching a documentary about the author and this one certainly caught my eye.
17 Tin - 50p
This ‘nautical but nice’ tin had caught my eye a few years ago in Boots – but I couldn’t justify purchasing some make-up for the sake of another freebie.  I made a beeline for this in the charity shop, because I had always wanted it. I was sure it would be empty, but in fact came with its original contents brand new and untouched for 50p.
Rainbow Hearts Pillowcase - 20p
I found this pillow slip stashed at the bottom of a box of duvet covers all by itself.  I wasn’t sure what I could use it for and almost left it behind, but I’ve since happily added it to my fabric stash.
Winsor & Newton Inks - £2.00
The funny thing is I’ve always wanted this ink set, for years now I’ve bought the inks I’ve needed separately, but have never been able to justify spending £15+ on a set of ink.  When I spied it at a car boot sale I was unsure how much the seller would want, but when he said £2, I knew I had to have it. I wasn’t sure what condition the inks would be in, but I was more than happy to take the gamble.  (Sometimes you have to).
Later that day I found that most of the inks hadn’t been used, though the black one was nearly empty, but I have plenty of black ink anyway, so this doesn’t really matter! Plus I adore the packaging.

A bit of a mixed bunch as always – but mostly small items, so no more cluttering up the house.
Have you found anything interesting lately?


  1. Alice you really have collected together some lovely finds! Being a bit of a tin addict, I adore the Pooh Bear tin, and the Little Joules Cardi is also lovely! I will make a note to look in the children's section next time I'm in a charity shop :) xx

  2. That pillow case is beautiful xxx

  3. such great finds Alice, that Joules cardi is a cracker! x

  4. Loving your finds, the tins are very cute! You could make a shopping bag from the pillowcase? I actually had fairly good luck in the charity shops this week, had to restrain myself from going nuts due to lack of funds! :)

  5. Your a girl after my own heart with all those goodies - love seeing what other people pick up and source out when their vintage picking, because I always wonder why people pick up stuff that I don't! I love those pillows, I'd probably resize them into cushion covers as it looks so lovely and clean.

  6. What a lovely collection. I love the cardigan the most. I adore the colour and it looks so warm

  7. Love that pillow case, something very retro about it :) I haven't had anything to beat my Sanderson fabric from Ashbourne yet, though I still haven't done anything with it :\

  8. Amazing finds. I have that same Pooh Bear tin - it used to be my tooth fairy tin when I was small. And I have that Beatrix Potter story on dvd - the introduction to those animations is still filled with magic for me. x

  9. What lovely finds, that cardi is a gorgeous colour and I love the contrasting yellow button.
    It's true, if you wait long enough the thing you covert will always turn up and the Boots make-up and paints prove the rule! xxxx

  10. Such good finds! <3 I'm always sucker for anything with good ol' Winnie on it too!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. Well those inks look amazing - is it bad i haven't heard of them before? x

  12. That pillowcase is beautiful! I love the print!

    Maria xxx

  13. You always find the best things! I wouldn't have been able to resist Peter Rabbit either <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  14. You got an amazing deal on the inks! I've used those ones in the past and they were incredibly expensive, but such nice quality to work with :) xxx

  15. That box of inks is wonderful - what a find!


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