Slave To Fashion

I’ve always loved fashion, from a young age I would collect and cut out my favourite magazine clippings and make my own scrapbooks filled with inspiration.  I studied Elle Girl like a textbook and would always push the boundaries of fashion.  But in my twenties I turned my back on fashion and always opted for the safe option.   

I have also never, ever thought about photographing my outfit. Up until last weekend I wouldn’t have ever dreamt I'd be posting a photograph of myself posing in front of a gorgeous fireplace… 

I did really like this outfit and sometimes it’s nice to get a photograph of what you wore - I'm new to this whole thing.
 Which makes me wonder...
What exactly is a Fashion Blogger?
Someone who photographs their outfits and then posts them online – I think we’ve established that.

Why do it?
It’s a way of recording outfit choices, looks and styles.
It’s a way to build body confidence.
It gets you some free* clothes.
It's fun.
It inspires you to dress creatively.
It opens you up to praise (but also criticism).
It’s addictive.
None, all or some of the above.

Is it hard?
Yes, it takes time, patience and perseverance. I far underestimated just how long it takes to get a decent shot. 

What skills do you need?
There are no formal qualifications needed, just a bit of a flair for creativity. 

What equipment do you need?
The long standing debate of quality, Nikon vs. Canon, but I  firmly believe you don't need the best camera for the best shot. 

Additional Requirments:
 A willing photographer – the general agreement is you need someone willing to follow you around and take your snaps for you. Although a tripod works too – depending how brave you are feeling.

And finally, 
Will real life friends, family and acquaintances ever understand why you take photographs of yourself and post them online?
Probably not.
 Becks wrote a similar (and far more hilarious) post here, it’s very amusing.


  1. I loved her post! I don't think I could do it, I can't pose for a photo to save my life! I always look absolutely mental for some reason. I used to study fashion magazines when I was much younger, Sugar, Bliss, and Mizz! I feel so old now haha. xxx

  2. Ahh it's really nice to see an outfit photo on your blog Alice! I really like that skirt, it suits you so much. And the boots are fabulous!
    Outfit blogging is a weird and wonderful phenomenon, it's true, and we all feel like prats whilst we're posing for photos if we're honest, but at least we all have each other to support and encourage!
    You look fabulous, I hope you keep doing outfit posts now and again!

  3. You should take up fashion blogging for sure Alice, it's pretty addictive! x

  4. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Beck's post (and blog) that was certainly a giggle and very true. I always think there's some very odd poses and facial expressions going with my fashion bloggers! I rarely, if ever, have down a fashion post because i'm totally lacking in anything fashionable or hip (I don't even remember the last time I went clothes shopping for myself) and I just don't have that confidence to get out there, take images of myself and post them up for everyone to see. But I do think it would be a way of improving the old confidence for sure!

  5. Its always fun to try something new, I reviewed a meal I had in a fancy restaurant once and I really enjoyed it. Kepps me interested if I'm writing about varied things xx

  6. Hi there really lovely blog,please take a look at mine any thoughts? x

  7. A very interesting post! I do enjoy certain fashion blogs but given my limited wardrobe, and overall attraction to baggy jumpers, cardigans and anything comfort over what looks great I don't think my blog is cut out for outfit posts! x

  8. You should post more outfits, Alice! You are such an attractive girl and it's lovely to see you. xxx

  9. Outfit posts are SO time consuming, I'm always pulling some ridiculous face in 99% of pictures haha!

    Jennie xo |

  10. I love reading fashion blogs but I could never do a fashion related post myself, it's something that I feel requires huge confidence..... something I don't have!

    I love this photograph of you, what a beautiful setting and your outfit is so lovely! x

    ps, thank you for your comment on my blog! Are you a Sheffield girl also? x

  11. Love this outfit, you should do more outfit posts! I never do them myself, but I do love reading them. xx


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