Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy who dreamed of robots and horses, one day their wish came true…

My Boots 75% sale day dash unearthed this beauty, the Joules Robert the Robot wash bag to accompany my Winnie one at a fraction of the original price - £4. I knew a man (who cares if we’re technically grown-ups) who would appreciate the pure charm of this fella.

Yesterday marked Simon and I’s fourth anniversary, we met the day before Valentine’s Day so this always subsequently combines with Valentine's. For me it isn’t about over the top gestures or flashy presents. It’s much more about good old- fashioned romance. I hope you all enjoy the day, whichever way you spend it.

p.s I love you Mr.


  1. Gaaah, this is so cute :) Hope your enjoy your anniversary! xo

  2. You and Simon are a match made in heaven! Have a wonderful Valentine's/anniversary! x

  3. That is so sweet and cute and adorable. Happy Anniversary!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Happy Valentines Day/Anniversary! This is my 5th Vallies with my guy and every single one has always been spent the same! A takeaway and a film (that's always our way of celebrating!) We're not into flashy posh restaurants or anything like that! A gift, a card and plenty of kisses is perfectly fine with us! That robot is the cutest thing! I hope you've both had a lovely day! ~ ♥ ~

  5. Happy anniversary/V day. We got together 4 days before Valentines - it's been 15 years now! Hope you had a lovely day xx

  6. Aw so sweet! Hope you had a great anniversary/valentines day :)

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  7. This is so cute I love it! xx


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